1. H

    Home Network Monitor/Manager Server

    Hi I want to be able to manage all the connections to the internet at my house from one computer. The computer will serve as the connection to the internet, and all the devices in the house will connect to the internet through it. What I want to be able to do is see how much bandwidth each...
  2. droplet

    small office on wifi

    our office has two (netgear dgn 1000 and netgear dgn 2200). each router is on its own 6Mb line. we currently have two desktops that are connected to the one router by cable, and up to fourteen laptops that connect to the two routers via wifi. there are several (up to 16) smartphones that...
  3. T

    Offical Anime Debate!!

  4. B

    Hardware Issues

    I am having trouble with my uploading speeds and I'm unsure if it might be my onboard Ethernet that is giving the problems? When I use a wireless adapter the speeds seem to be fine, as soon as I go back to cable it just doesn't want to do anything. Would the most likely problem be the Modem /...
  5. T

    Are 3G modem dongles network specific?

    I am a social researcher venturing into the world of tech and would really appreciate some help and confirmation. Firstly, are mobile dongle's network specific? One of my research subjects is an unemployed young woman who uses a mobile dongle to connect her laptop to the internet. However, she...
  6. NeonNinja

    2G only MTN network? WTF?

    So for the past hours I've only been able to attain 2G/EDGE on the MTN network. Smartphone, 3G tablet both halt on "E". Afrihost Mobile's sim is limited to 2G only. I've interchanged the sims throughout the devices. Area: Port Elizabeth, Walmer, 10th Avenue. Anyone else experiencing...
  7. NomNom

    How do I Unsubscribe from Mira Networks?

    These thugs have started stealing money from my dads account, he's with MTN. How do I go about unsubscribing?
  8. Jan

    MTN network down?

    I have two MTN SIMs, one 078 number and one 071 number, and neither one can make or receive calls, SMSes, or connect to the data network. Anyone else having this issue, or is it just my area?
  9. NeonNinja

    Need help with 3G modem/router

    So my friend bought a laptop which came out with a Huawei HG532c 3G router, which I robbed him off. I desperately need help using it. I've got a Huawei E220 and a Vodafone K3765 modem. IO can't get past the setting up screen. Anyone to my rescue?
  10. D

    Cell C - Phone showing I'm roaming?!

    Hi Guys Has anyone else seen their android phone show that their ROAMING:confused: in some areas? I live in the Centurion area, which I would presume has good signal as its quiet a large area, but everyday I get miscall messages, people saying my phone is off or i get cut off midway, or dont...
  11. R13...

    Vodacom network problems

    So I get home to take advantage of the iTunes app store sale and the Vodacom network is buggered. It's switching from EDGE to 3G randomly and data connectivity is impossible. Only limited voice is possible if you force your phone to only EDGE but that won't work with data. I thought they had...
  12. U

    Who takes responsibility for the local internet network?

    We have a dedicated server at the Cape Town Data Centre. A client told me he cannot access his website. We could access the sites and at first thought he is doing something wrong. When visiting another business client in Bellville who also could not access their site and email I found that they...
  13. S

    An Odd Home Network Setup

    I have a fairly odd setup for our home network (mainly due to 2nd hand hardware...) that gives us some issues. Our current setup has the ADSL line going to a Telkom Wireless router/modem. Because the wireless doesn't work - only the ethernet - this is then connected to an MWEB Billion...
  14. D

    Extending Wireless Range...

    Hi all, I am attempting to extend a wireless network. Having done some reading, I understand that the process of setting up a repeater is going to roughly halve my bandwidth. Is there any way to extend a wireless network without affecting speed? I can't use an ethernet cable (it's totally...
  15. R13...

    When can you legally cancel a contract?

    I have issues in my area where the Vodacom network will begin switching between 3G and EDGE every minute or so. Every time it switches data disconnects. This has been ongoing since last year and Vodacom's network department will not return my calls as promised by their customer services. I...
  16. J

    Cell C - What are you going to do for me?

    See history of the problem here Cell C I got an iPhone 5 from your Store in Uitenhage on a Straight up 200 contract on 5 February 2013. Tax Invoice No: NL.01IN0352213 IMEI No: 013551001524054 I experienced very bad signal and almost non existent Data from the start, and found that voice calls...
  17. J

    Cell C network issues... or iPhone 5 problem?

    I am posting this for two reasons: 1 - There are people here who may be able to help me, and I hope they will come forward and comment. 2 - I have a nasty feeling that I may be entering into another big fight, and want a good record of the proceedings. My problem: On Monday, 5 Feb 2013 I...
  18. S

    CAT5E in Cape Town (2013)

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a 25 metre CAT5E cable (pref. white or gray), which can either be pre-assembled or sold by the metre (if sold by the meter the retailer must sell the ends also). I have looked at this thread...
  19. M


    MTN has come up with a new application for smartphone users, yeah, right you got MTNzakeypad to make your life more simple just visit us:
  20. G

    Nokia Network Name

    I'm using my Nokia 6710 to connect to my local LAN via WiFi. On my router's DCHP list every device name is listed correctly, except my phone which has a name "Unknown". Does anyone know how to set your network name on a Nokia. I've look through all settings and can't find anything, is this even...