1. D

    Network Problems..

    I think this is the correct forum. Hi guys, I got a small problem that I need some assistance with. My student flat has 4 four pc's connected to a homegroup. My pc is the only one that cannot access the other computers on the homegroup. This is funny because well, I created the homegroup...
  2. Rouxenator

    Got : MikroTik R52 NIC - Need : 5ghz outdoor aerial (for CTWUG)

    I was wondering if anyone can help me. My neighborhood has quite a few CTWUG nodes and I am pretty sure I have coverage at my house. I manged to get a couple of MikroTik (Atheros) R52-350 miniPCI network cards with full size PCI adapter boards. There work very well and I use them to connect to...
  3. T

    Vodacom data billing complaints

    Vodacom has unexpectedly deducted about R15,000 over 3 months from my bank account. They insist I have used that much data. IMPOSSIBLE!!! They have ruined me financially because of this. WHO has R15,000 for an internet bill alone??? On my complaint, all they had to say is that it was either a...
  4. Rouxenator

    TRENDnet = no good

    This post is half rant half inquiry - is there anyone that can recommend TRENDnet products because I have just about had it with them. My first exposure to TRENDnet was a TDM-C400 ADSL Router which would choke as soon as you open 50 P2P connections over it. No firmware updates for it...
  5. G

    Network tutorial for dummies

    Hi I have give a lesson in basic networking (lLAN) for a guy who barely knows computers (not even talking about networking). I'm looking for a tutorial (presentation, pdf, etc) that explains the basic network stuff in XP (or Win 7 if XP is not available). This should include basic stuff...
  6. Z

    Need advice on what network to setup and how???

    Hi. I have a small business in C.T with 10computers/users all using Windows 2007 Professional. We are all currently working off individual pc's and connected with 2 normal adsl router switches and cables. Every1 does their own thing on their own pc's, but all essential company files get stored...
  7. NeonNinja

    Win7 Ad-hoc creation failure

    Win7 Ad-hoc creation failure. After browsing almost 10 pages of Google, screening through solutions, I can't seem to get it. Issue started about a week ago, when I try create an Ad-hoc network, it tells me "Windows could not set up "network"." I can't see other networks either. Nothing in...
  8. B

    MTN breaches their own rules? Refuse to cancel my contract.

    This is the letter I sent to ICASA, Consumer Protection Act Tribunal and MTN. A similar complaint was submitted on I do implore anyone to stay away from MTN. Read on and you'll see why. I am unable to receive phone calls when on 2G, since 8 DECEMBER 2010, due to a MTN 'network...
  9. jes

    Telkom to freeze network for elections

    Telkom to freeze network for elections Telkom's provision of essential network service to the IEC during SA's municipal elections will require a network freeze
  10. jes

    Telkom punts its network ahead of election time

    Telkom punts its network ahead of election time Telkom and the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) will enable the delivery of ballot results from over 20,000 polling stations on election day, the telecomms provider said on Monday.
  11. M

    Windows 7 ultimate remote connection

    I hope there is someone that can help. I need to create a remote account on windows 7 Ultimate x86 and be able to connect to it remotely without logging the current user off.
  12. jes

    Altech is betting on ATC for broadband

    Altech is betting on ATC for broadband Altech spends millions on broadband network through Altech Technology Concepts to take on established players
  13. C

    New SIM setup problem [VirginMobile, Android, RICA?]

    I just bought a new Virgin Mobile SIM at Checkers for the usual 99c, but I am having trouble activating the SIM card on my Android 2.2 Samsung Vibrant. The SIM activation instructions state just the following: Currently my phone won't really register to the Cell C network, like it is...
  14. R13...

    Setting up home wireless network

    Some help please... What equipment will I need to set up a home wireless network? -A couple of laptops -Wireless Printer -PS3 (for media server) -3G modem (E220) -iPhones (to share the internet connection or print pics, etc) I want the network for file transfer, media use & to share the...
  15. P

    Home Network Setup - Please Help

    Hi There, I am trying to setup up a conveniant network at our home but ran into some problems: (Please see attached image of what I want - - People are downloading the same files which uses uneccesary bandwidth - Some people are downloading too much...
  16. jes

    Who has the largest fibre network?

    Who has the largest fibre network? Neotel is often punting their growing fibre network, but new information sheds light on how they really compare with Telkom
  17. jes

    Cell C apologises for network issues

    Cell C apologises for network issues The Cell C CEO apologised for a routing problem which left some Cell C customers without service and said that the issue has been resolved
  18. jes

    Cell C discusses HSPA+ growth

    Cell C discusses HSPA+ growth Cell C continues 21Mbps HSPA+ growth, with 42Mbps HSPA+ here next month. Company also growing fibre network
  19. NeonNinja

    FFS! Internet Sharing!

    I'm tired of Google now. Yesterday, I was, well, my brother could be able to connect to my Wireless NIC, and access the Internet that I shared, also he could have media access. My laptop and my brother's were not fiddled or anything. When I connect my Wi-Fi, I see that Media State is...
  20. jes

    Cell C's HSPA+ network upgraded in Gauteng

    Cell C's HSPA+ network upgraded in Gauteng Cell C addresses problem with 21Mbps HSPA+ modems on the network through base station software upgrades