1. Budza

    Optimise Newtork Throughput

    Setup: Old PC (2.8Ghz, 2GB, 80GB (OS) + 160Gb + 250GB) Running Vista Business on server. Everything from XP to Ubuntu, Win 7 for users. Drives are SATA, but are pretty old. Used as media server on a gigabit swtich to multiple users on a variety of 1Gbps, 100Mbps and wireless. Read/Write...
  2. M

    Base Stations

    @ Rep What goes into bringing a Base Station up? I have a Buddy at one of the networks and he reckons the EIA's are a major challenge? Seeing as there is so much pressure on You to get the network up I thought it might be a good idea to understand what goes on in the background.:confused:
  3. T

    Neotel's network plans revealed

    Neotel reveals network plans
  4. G


    Hey guys. I need this forums help again. Me and my friend wants to do some serious gaming this holidays and I was thinking of setting up lanbridge and a vpn. we tried it but the pings are too high. I'm running lanbridge and hosting the game but then he's ping is too high. if i also run and...
  5. W

    iBurst and HSDPA - load balance

    Hi, all I currently have an iBurst connection that I route my small business network through (via SBS). Recently they have become not as reliably in bandwidth and uptime as I have got used to (4 hrs down time it 2 years is what the record was, the last two months, down 3 times each about 4...
  6. V

    installing wifi certificate on iphone

    my office network requires a certificate in order to connect to it. anyone has any experience installing a certificate on an iphone? update: according to our IT guy, installing the certificate is not the problem, but he doesn't know how to get the windows authentication required to connect...
  7. F

    OpenBTS - Create your own personal cellphone network

    I been playing with OpenBTS for a while now and my website even features on the OpenBTS site. So I want to let you guys know how much fun it is. via " The OpenBTS Project is an effort to construct an open-source Unix application that uses the Universal...
  8. LazyLion

    LaCie Network Attached Storage

    OK, a friend of a friend bought this product in Europe for GBP 115.00 (just over R1400.00) It is a 1 Terabyte Network Attached Storage Device. He thought he was buying a portable hard drive, and he thought he was getting a good deal. But...
  9. LazyLion

    Try these Broadband and Network Speed Tests!

    You must have JAVA installed for both of these test. The first one is short, the second is longer. Make sure you shut down all other downloads on your network. The second one is a very comprehensive test and will give you all kinds of cool feedback. :)
  10. A

    Connecting two locations by wireless

    I've asked this on another forum, but thought it might be a good idea to ask in a few different places. I need to connect two locations, around 1 KM apart via a wireless link. Will only be used a few times a month. The one location the equipment can be mounted permanently at but the other one...
  11. stroebs

    Can't see networked computer or access net

    I am doing this on behalf of a friend as i have tried fixing the problem and have had no success. My friend has an on-board LAN controller and it was working perfectly and I formatted his PC and put Vista x64 on it and everything was working fine. When he came back from a two week holiday, his...
  12. T

    Point to point small wifi

    Hey, want to connect two friends' houses together for gaming.(Pretoria, South Africa). About 250m, apart. What WiFi standard hardware should we be looking at? 5.8 ghz 802.11a was named by someone earlier because there is too much interference on 2.4ghz. We're trying to keep it as cheap as...
  13. LazyLion

    Rivals hook up for high-speed network
  14. LazyLion

    Why can't I access any IP addresses on my LAN?

    My Gigabit router is in bridge mode, and I want to attach this NAS device. But I can't enter the IP of my router ( or the NAS device ( from any computer or any browser. my IP and DNS are set to dynamic. no proxies are enabled. 6 computers on the network all...
  15. LazyLion

    Nokia 6680 Network Locked?

    I think it is locked to the MTN network. I don't have the PUK number... how can I unlock this phone?
  16. rpm

    MTN to jack up networks

    MTN to jack up networks
  17. rpm

    Neotel network growth continues

    Neotel network growth continues
  18. LazyLion

    Networking.... what would happen if?...

    OK, so I have a gigabit network running through the house among the various PCs. Some of the PCs have two adapters. What would happen if I connected the network in a "ring" say... if I bridged the adapters on one computer and fed the cable back to the main hub? would that improve speed...
  19. mh348

    RJ45 Network Cable Extension Coupler

    Where can I buy RJ45 Couplers, In JHB/PTA or surrounding areas. I'm in NW but I usually just have my courier collect the goods in JHB/PTA. I have dealer accounts with most of the PC Suppliers, but haven't seen it on the pricelists.
  20. rpm

    MTN’s big network investment

    MTN’s big network investment