1. M

    FibreCo national fibre network planned
  2. D

    Hetzner Has Been Compromised

    Below is an extract of an email from heztner, "We are writing to you as our primary concern is for our customers and for the continued security of your data. It is therefore our duty to inform you of a network intrusion where some of our FTP Backup servers were compromised." Kind of scary...
  3. Rouxenator

    Should Modem or Router make ADSL connection ?

    I have a D-Link DSL-2500U ADSL Modem connected to a Linksys WRT54-GS router. The D-Link makes the ADSL connection and the Linksys Router is using Auto DHCP to connect to the Modem. My question is, is it better to have the Lynksys Router make the ADSL connection? It will obviously still do so...
  4. H

    Intermittent internet connection over wireless

    Originally posted this in software... but this might be a more appropriate place.... Been having this problem for the past couple of weeks. I'll start browsing happily on a couple of sites, then all of a sudden, will get a page cannot be displayed error. I'll then refresh, either once or...
  5. F

    New IP Protocol Proposal

    Network Working Group D. Waitzman Request for Comments: 1149 BBN STC A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers Status of this Memo This memo describes an experimental method for...
  6. D

    view emails on 2 computers thru a network

    I have outlook on both computers (XP and Win 7) and would like to view e-mails on both computers. All e-mails currently are on the XP computer, so whatever e-mails are on one computer they must be on the other. And if you send and receive from one computer will it be able to show on the other...
  7. G

    Wireless distribution system

    Hey guys After hours of stuggling on my own I yet again turn to the help of the mybroadband forumers. hehe So im trying to mesh our house under wifi so that everywhere we have internet access. can somebody please help me and step by step or just what i have to set up to have a wireless mesh...
  8. A

    XP Home on a Domain network

    Hi guys I'm stuck with this laptop with XP Home as an OS. I need to get it to login onto our Domain so that it can be assigned permissions, etc. Please note that I need it to login. I can give it access to the Domain via a Net Use script, but that defeats the object. X-Setup...
  9. D

    Two routers on one network

    I've had a request for this let me explain why first. Company's branch network is on the arse-end a huge national Windows Domain, active directory with windows shares etc. The internet for the branch in question is mind numbingly slow, so they want another ADSL line/router connection seperate...
  10. S

    Business Idea - Network Status Notifications

    Hey guys, I was thinking about all the different ISPs, and how we struggle to determine where the problem is when there are network outages. Sometimes the problem is on the ADSL network, or it is an upstream provider, or certain areas have electricity blackouts. So I thought about it, and came...
  11. M


    Hi Guys I just bought the above modem router. Setting it up is ok until the part where I have to insert my adsl user details. It simply does not connect to my settings. I then retry with my old telkom mega 105wr and connection is immediate(almost). Any advice much appreciated.
  12. C

    DigiChilli Network Status

    The network status for DigiChilli on MyBroadband.
  13. S

    ADSL Router for Home Networking

    Hi guys, Would it be possible to use an ADSL Router (eg Mega100 WR) to form a home network :confused: . I.e. The PCs connected to the Router can access the internet AND shared folders on each other via the router. Also could a printer be shared also via the ADSL Router? Thanks in advance :)
  14. Budza

    Optimise Newtork Throughput

    Setup: Old PC (2.8Ghz, 2GB, 80GB (OS) + 160Gb + 250GB) Running Vista Business on server. Everything from XP to Ubuntu, Win 7 for users. Drives are SATA, but are pretty old. Used as media server on a gigabit swtich to multiple users on a variety of 1Gbps, 100Mbps and wireless. Read/Write...
  15. M

    Base Stations

    @ Rep What goes into bringing a Base Station up? I have a Buddy at one of the networks and he reckons the EIA's are a major challenge? Seeing as there is so much pressure on You to get the network up I thought it might be a good idea to understand what goes on in the background.:confused:
  16. T

    Neotel's network plans revealed

    Neotel reveals network plans
  17. G


    Hey guys. I need this forums help again. Me and my friend wants to do some serious gaming this holidays and I was thinking of setting up lanbridge and a vpn. we tried it but the pings are too high. I'm running lanbridge and hosting the game but then he's ping is too high. if i also run and...
  18. W

    iBurst and HSDPA - load balance

    Hi, all I currently have an iBurst connection that I route my small business network through (via SBS). Recently they have become not as reliably in bandwidth and uptime as I have got used to (4 hrs down time it 2 years is what the record was, the last two months, down 3 times each about 4...
  19. V

    installing wifi certificate on iphone

    my office network requires a certificate in order to connect to it. anyone has any experience installing a certificate on an iphone? update: according to our IT guy, installing the certificate is not the problem, but he doesn't know how to get the windows authentication required to connect...
  20. F

    OpenBTS - Create your own personal cellphone network

    I been playing with OpenBTS for a while now and my website even features on the OpenBTS site. So I want to let you guys know how much fun it is. via " The OpenBTS Project is an effort to construct an open-source Unix application that uses the Universal...