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    SAIX-Verizon problems continue

    SAIX-Verizon problems continue
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    LAN for home

    Hi all, I am so new it took me a while to figure out noob...that said I would appreciate some help. I have recently signed up for Telkom ADSL (previously only used 3g) but have not yet activated the service - more because of lack of insight than anything else. I am looking to set up a lan...
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    Wireless Networking Help

    Hi, My friend lives down the road from me and I would like to setup a wireless network so we can play LAN Games and share internet. He lives no more than 100 metres from me. He might even be 25 metres from me. I haven't measured, but he is close. What equipment would we both need? I...
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    Speed of deployment

    Speed of deployment
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    Free networks gain ground

    Free networks gain ground
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    Outsource me

    Telkom outsourcing its business
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    Linksys Router

    Hi there, Let me come to the place where all the clever persons are. 1. I have a network with 30 pc’s on it, XP Prof in a classroom environment. The Linksys router connects a pre selected group of only 8 pc’s on the network to the internet. Amount of pc’s does not matter, it is only one...
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    Oh Verizon - GET IT RIGHT !!!

    So yesterday I receive a notification from Verizon: Ok, nothing wrong with a notification, thanks Verizon. Low and behold I receive a resolved maill this morning: Only for them to send out another mail now saying the problem is back !!! I can't have this sort of instability on my...