Cost to Install Network

Feb 29, 2012
So, thanks to everyones help!

Finally have decided, yes it might be a bit more work in the end, but going to do full Cat5e install. Seems that it will work out cheaper doing the whole job (excluding patch cables of course) in shielded outdoor Cat5e (a 305metre reel is R1350 whereas normal unshielded is R1k plus then I still need outdoor flyleads).

So what should I be charging for this job? It is my first install and should I get it right, there should be many more.

I am installing a total of 280metres of cable to 15 devices. Plus then patching etc. Three 35metre runs will be outside and require drilling and a trench to be dug.

All the equipment has cost R3800 without patchleads, and I must still purchase the conduit for the cable outside.

I am at a total brainfart:wtf:, what would an average company charge for something like this?


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Mar 17, 2010
Instead of 280m, call it 300m. Any excess cable can be made into 1m or 3m spares for the company.

Add a 15-30% mark-up on what you paid for the items.
Factor in Travel Costs
Factor in hourly charge

For travel I'd recommend you set up "zones" numbered 1-5 which have fees that increase the farther away your customers premises are to your office. Fuel is not cheap ;)
I'm not sure how you'd work the trenching - are you doing it?

For example:

Product QtyUnit PriceTotal Price
UTP Cable CAT5 300mR5R1500
RJ45 Boots30R2R60
RJ45 Connectors30R1.50R45
Labour (hrs)8R350R2800
TravelZone 2R300R300

For a job at one of my branches last year, we were charged R3120 for 150m cable, 5 network points + boots + connectors, 4hrs labour, travel.
Feb 29, 2012
Well travel is not a problem, its 6km from my premises :)

The trench I am running about 15cm underground, total distance about 6 metres, mostly soft ground with a little cement but nothing a drill and pick cant clear. The rest will be up and through walls inside piping. Cable is costing R5 per metre, plus then two surge protectors for each side of the outside lines.

Total of 15 install points, also removal of old points and set-up of wall-cabinet. Basically, a 15-point network from scratch.

And labour I am doing R75 an hour.

Probably should've started a bit smaller, but hey.


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Aug 26, 2010
Most cabling companies charge per point. Plus/Minus R600 depending on the client.

And if you are looking at doing more installations make sure to get a proper tester, the cheapies just don't last.