Customs & UK Ebay Purchase

    Hi I am trying to wade through confusing SARS customs info, uuurgh, hoping someone here might be able to advise. I will be getting a second hand eBay purchase, a 2004 scanner, from the UK, and need to know what customs and VAT charges might apply. I have a friend flying in from the UK...
  2. B

    Cost of new corrugated roof installation

    Hi I have an out building with a corrugated iron roof that is vrot and leaking water everywhere. I have brought over a few contractors and have recieved a quote for an entire new corrugated iron roof to be installed. Here is what is included for ~R17 000 Strip and remove all existing roof...
  3. Jan0602

    Cable Installation Cost

    I am trying to find out what the rates are for cable installation in Gauteng. CAT5e, CAT6, and CAT7. Is there pricing per meter installation, or is it just for termination? I am looking to do installations part time, but don't want to undercut myself, or over charge my potential clients. The...
  4. K

    Silence from PlayStation South Africa.

    I have posed a simple question to PlayStation SA on their Facebook page. I have yet to receive any response from them. My question talks to prices of games bought digitally versus hard copies at retailers. The Golf Club 2 recently launched and goes for R699 via the PS Store. The same game is...
  5. D

    Estimated Rim repair prices

    Good Day Everyone, Can someone possibly please give me an indication of prices in JHB for getting an alloy wheel repaired. I bent two of mine as a result of a lovely nighttime drive through a Pothole on the N12 heading from Jet Park to Sandton. And now it feels as though I am driving a...
  6. N

    How much does it cost to raise a kid into adulthood

    As title says, How much does it cost to raise a kid into adulthood? It seems there are a lot of different opinions out there. What would you spend on your children or do you just wing it?
  7. S

    How to Reduce Traffic Fines

    Hi Guys I did a trip from Jozi to Durban, and hit 3 cameras on the way -_-. Now the fines coming to me, are totalling over two grand. Please can someone advice me on this, is there a way to reduce the amount payed back ?
  8. O

    Hardware at Cost + 2%?

    Hi Guys and Gals Just a quick one.... Would users on my broadband be interested if an IT company had come up with selling all computer hardware and software at cost + 2%? The 2% markup will only be for logistics and banking costs. Any response will be appreciated as we need to check...
  9. O

    Have you calculated your daily commute?

    So I have always know the ball-park figure of money I spent on commuting to work and back home, but never really worked out the daily rate until today. This includes petrol, E-toll, Gautrain ticket and Gautrain parking, have not put a figure to "wear and tear" on the vehicle though... and it...
  10. D

    How much would you pay for this pc?

    So im not actually selling my PC but id be interested in getting an estimation of its resale value. Intel i7 2600 12Gigs DDR3 1333 Asus P67-Pro M Asus R9-280x Top Edition Cooler Master Scout 2 Chassis Corsair H55 Liquid Cooliong Unit (on a Push Pull Config with 2 Bitfinix fans) DVD/CD RW 1 TB...
  11. R

    Telkom Charge for a Call at what stage?

    At what stage of a Telkom land-line call is it considered successful and charged for? I have always presumed that you were charged once the other party picked up and you were 'connected' but recently I've been informed that the 'Skype' method of charging as soon as the other party is dialled...
  12. Rouxenator

    Can you make a life insurance policy "paid up" or freeze it?

    I got life insurance 6 years ago when I bought a house. My employer at the time did not have adequate cover so that was the main reason for getting my own. The current job I have has got excellent cover for disability and death. Is there a way I can freeze the life insurance I got and if/when...
  13. G

    Data Bundles: A comparison of costs

    Now that I've decided to ditch my Blackberry (and accompanying BIS), I am interested in prepaid data bundle costs. I hunted around MyBB but couldn't find a comparison of prepaid data bundle costs between Vodacom, MTN and CellC. Found this useful however although it is a few months old...
  14. A

    Best ISP for Gaming Latency?

    After some recent sadness with Afrihost, I went through the process of testing quite a couple of different options, to see which ISP would end up giving me the most consistent latency for gaming. I thought it may be useful for those in s similar boat, and I would also like to see what other...
  15. Raiders

    Cost to switch back to telkom ADSL from ISP

    I just found out there is cost to switch back the ADSL line rental to Telkom... Who warned me? Not the last ISP I was with when I wanted to discontinue their services. Apparently there is charged. Does not matter that no one came out to my house at all. And not a small one either... Something...
  16. antowan

    How would YOU go about protecting 30 computers at a primary school?

    There is a school with 30 computers. These computers should be blocked from most sites on the web bar a select group of websites. How would YOU approach it cost effectively in a way that smart kids won't be able to bypass. In other words host file tampering etc is out.
  17. C

    Cost to Install Network

    So, thanks to everyones help! Finally have decided, yes it might be a bit more work in the end, but going to do full Cat5e install. Seems that it will work out cheaper doing the whole job (excluding patch cables of course) in shielded outdoor Cat5e (a 305metre reel is R1350 whereas normal...
  18. J

    10.1" toshiba thrive tablet with android-3.1, $429 for 8GB,how much u think in RSA? how much you reckon this baby'd go for in RSA? could this be the cheapest branded 10.1" android device?
  19. jes

    SA business can expect to save 30% on voice bills

    SA business can expect to save 30% on voice bills South African businesses will see their telephony bills drop by 30% over the next two years, says Vox Orion MD
  20. N

    Wiper blade cost

    Just serviced my car. Changing the wiper blades cost R850. Is this correct. Honda Civic 2009 Hatch. If i remember on my old skedonk, the cost was under R200. WTF?