1. T

    Private Wimax Network

    Can i setup my own private Wimax Network to connect 3 Premises in the Johannesburg area? Would i need a license to do so? Would i need to get permission from ICASA or would i have to have the network setup via a licensed ISP? Reason i would like to use Wimax to connect the premises is because...
  2. NeonNinja

    How are MTN, Voda, 8ta and Cell C call operators employed?

    Simple simple issue I had. OK not so simple... Had to solve it myself.. Freeking frustrated, I even had to go to the MTN technical department, I was transferred 3 times! Anyone with an insight?
  3. H

    Getting Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 to see each other

    Hello I have a laptop running Windows 8 Pro and a MicroServer running Windows Server 2012. For the life of me i can't get them to see each other. I can get them to ping each other, and I can even remote desktop into the MicroServer from the laptop, but if I try reference the other machine...
  4. J

    Help selecting a managed switch for small business

    Hi all, This is my first post on mybroadband. We are a small family business with 7 PCs currently on an un-managed switch. We all access the internet via an ADSL connected to the switch. We operate on a workgroup. We are looking to upgrade our network for the following reasons: 1> We...
  5. R

    Linux/Free Firewall for Network

    I am looking to implement a Firewall onto my network. I want something FREE and simple to use preferably something with a user interface instead of commands. I want it to be able to monitor Network usage/sites visited ect as well as Block Websites and ports. What software would you...
  6. D

    ADSL Modem - Maximum Users

    Howzit I was wondering whether there's any maximum (best practice) number of users that should be connecting to ADSL through a consumer-grade all-in-one (eg. DSL-2750U/Netgear DGN2200M) ADSL modem. Currently there's a Billion in place in the office, serving 40-50 users and the connection...
  7. S

    Cisco 1800 dot1q trunk

    Dont know if this is a dumb question but im setting up a dedicated diginet link for a VoIP test, i know on my wireless network and L3 and L2 IOS switches to pass multiple vlans over a single interface all you do is switchport mode trunk (auto dot1q) the ports between the switches. The same...
  8. G

    CCTV network setup - HOW?

    hi there, i live slightly far from the big city [cape town] so i went along and got: 4x 4mm, 480htv lines ir video cameras 1x 8ch dahua h.264 card for my pc [win7 home and 1x1tb external which will be dedicated for the cctv] 1x 150m rg59 coax cable [has power cable] 1x 12v 10a 120w...
  9. QuintonB

    Telkom CEO on the right track - Derek Hershaw

    Telkom CEO on the right track – MWEB ISP boss “Telkom’s focus is now very much on the South African market, which is where it should be.”
  10. NomNom

    Motherboard NIC dead?

    Long story short, I had a power surge through my phone line 2, 3 weeks ago. Now it seems my motherboard network port is dead, I have linked a small short vid on the lights blinking because I know I will fail to explain it...
  11. T

    Xbox 360 internet connection help.

    Hi, I am having trouble connecting my xbox to the internet. I have a xbox 360 s that I am trying to connect though my laptop (windows 7 ultimate, built-in wireless) with a Iburst USB modem. I get the xbox to connect to media center and i can stream and watch vids and music, but it cannot pick up...
  12. R

    Weird Network Problem

    Before i explain the problem here is the network setup: Small workgroup running 4 Computers. 3 Desktops: 1 with Win 7. 2 with XP pro 1 Laptop: with Win 7. Desktops use lan cables that connect to a switch that connects to a router. laptop uses wireless on router. All systems running static...
  13. C

    Cost to Install Network

    So, thanks to everyones help! Finally have decided, yes it might be a bit more work in the end, but going to do full Cat5e install. Seems that it will work out cheaper doing the whole job (excluding patch cables of course) in shielded outdoor Cat5e (a 305metre reel is R1350 whereas normal...
  14. C

    Wallbox and Patching

    So, I have been given a virtually brand new wall box and and multiple patch panels lay within. HOW do I use it? I have two switches and a router attached to my server, and two switches elsewhere within my office. How do I link everything using the box, without needing a cable for every...
  15. C

    Network Extending please help!

    Please help! I am extending the network at our office to the building next door, which is about 20 or 25 metres away. What is my best option - run Cat5 cabling from ethernet switches between each building, or a wireless point-to-point system? The suggestions so far are cabling inside pvc...
  16. B

    Networking cables and switches

    I have been tasked with setting up a network in my area and need to know if this switch can use one of its "4 combo 10/100/1000BASE-T/SFP" ports with normal cat5e networking cable? Is a 1000BASE-T cable a normal networking cable i run in my home? Cat5e? It seems this is what it has to connect an...
  17. D

    Hermanus - Looking for CAT5 network cable

    As per the title, looking for CAT5/CAT5e/CAT6 cable in Hermanus... up to 50m. Does anyone have any idea where I would be able to find here? I've already tried Matrix Warehouse in the Pick 'n Pay centre and they couldn't help. TIA
  18. M

    8ta Network Problems - Cape Town Area

    I've been using 8ta since they entered the market, and today I had serious problems with network. I was driving around the Cape Town area - from Ottery to Parow to Rondebosch. I had full reception most of the time but every time I tried to dial a number, my phone would tell me Emergency Numbers...
  19. P

    Looking for advice on a good router with integrated VPN

    Hey Guys, I need some advice. I am implementing a new network for a client and I am looking for a decent router with the following functionality: - Basic services (DHCP etc.) - Integrated VPN service - Decent firewall - Port/bandwidth throttling (P2P, Skype, Uncommon ports) This...
  20. G

    Enterprise network setup

    We currently have a DC at our offices, that hosts the domain, let's say, acme. The FQDN for this domain would then be acme.local. We have acquired a dedicated server at a hosting provider, and we will be moving some of our services there. These services would have to be moved in phases...