Alternative to ADSL - preferably fixed wireless


Jul 29, 2014
Been an ADSL customer for a bit longer than a year. At the beginning I was satisfied with the speed on my 4 Mbps line and could really do everything I got used while living in Canada. Now it's horrendous. Any SD movie rental takes up to 1 hour of buffering (last year I got immediate playback) on my Apple TV

I assume my exchange got congested.

My question. What are my options other than ADSL and 3G?

Area - Somerset west
Speed needed - happy with 4 Mbps but unshaped. Upload does not have to be synchronous but decent
Cap - 50 gig is plenty. Can actually work with 30, so uncapped is unnecessary
Price. In line with ADSL through Afrihost + line rental +-650

My searches have left me with no luck on the price front. But I am definitely not informed about all the options.

Please help