1. M

    Telkom Mobile and Hauwei B593 DNS settings for Hulu and Netflix

    Telkom Mobile and Hauwei B593 DNS settings for Hulu and Netflix Updated - with sports I thought I would post this as I struggled so much to get my Netflix and Hulu to work with Telkom mobile and because the Hauwei B593 sold with the Telkom mobile contract does not allow you to enter DNS...
  2. K

    Afrihost Alternatives Feedback

    Hi All, This is a thread for all those unhappy with Afrihost stealing your money, and providing little to NO service, always having "we're working around the clock", "our best engineers are on the issue" bull dust shoved your way.:twisted: I have been, like many of you, their unpaid...
  3. L

    Alternative to Satrix

    Hi guys, I have had it with there an alternative? I wanna keep saving the R500 every month into the stock exchange or something even better if there? Some companies are great until you have to deal with their call centre people. I started out being polite and now I had scream...
  4. D

    Alternative to ADSL - preferably fixed wireless

    Been an ADSL customer for a bit longer than a year. At the beginning I was satisfied with the speed on my 4 Mbps line and could really do everything I got used while living in Canada. Now it's horrendous. Any SD movie rental takes up to 1 hour of buffering (last year I got immediate playback) on...
  5. S

    New Rock and Roll / Alternative Music ???

    Hi All, I am looking for new music, new bands etc in the broader rock / alternative genre. Something ruff, something blues, something acoustic, something hard, something new, something fresh, something with soul, something sleazy, something with solos, something acoustic, something electric...
  6. A

    Best uncapped ADSL that does NOT use Seacom?

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend an uncapped ADSL service provider that does not rely on the Seacom cable? I am with Mweb (line rented directly from Telkom), and aside from this (Seacom) aspect they are great. Any advice greatly appreciated... even if it is to just sit it out and endure...
  7. jes

    WikiLeaks alternative website planned

    WikiLeaks alternative website planned A former WikiLeaks associate said Tuesday he and a number of other ex-members are preparing to launch an alternative to the whistle-blower website, just days after its latest document dump rocked the world.
  8. Z

    How to get a land line number with Neoflex

    I have posted this information in the following thread: But I think it deserves a thread of its own. I have often read Neoflex users asking whats the best way to get a land line, as the device has...
  9. M

    Download alternative

    Who is this post aimed at? 1. Someone who has a 3 Gig or less account, but wants to download much, much more. 2. Someone who has local only, but wants something from international. 3. Someone who can't afford to seed back what the leech. Here's 'The Plan'. 1. You give me the torrent you...
  10. F

    Alternative to Samsung T240

    I'm looking for a new monitor and I'm considering the Samsung T240. I'm just wondering if anybody knows if it will be replaced by a new model any time soon. Samsung's LED monitors look very nice but unfortunately they run at 1900x1080. I want a 1900x1200 monitor. I want the extra vertical space...
  11. Rouxenator

    To Tripod or to TrySomething else ?

    When taking photos that require the camera to be stable for longer than normal (or what IS can cope with) do you use a tripod or something else? Being a light traveler I have used all sorts of alternatives, like the ground or a wall or some other stationary object. Grass/Lawn is one of the...
  12. A

    'Alternative' posters

    Apologies if this has already been posted. Driving through Sandton over the past week, I've noticed an increasing amount of posters, featuring Kgalema Motlanthe, with the tagline "the tried & tested alternative"/"die beproefde alternatief". No other indication as to where these originate...