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Apr 13, 2010
Hi All,

This is a thread for all those unhappy with Afrihost stealing your money, and providing little to NO service, always having "we're working around the clock", "our best engineers are on the issue" bull dust shoved your way.:twisted:

I have been, like many of you, their unpaid spokesperson and salesman, and the contempt received to a paying customer is just nothing short of shocking. Lets face it, the alternative POC networks are also cr@p. :mad:

So, what to do? Let's put our money elsewhere. I did this when Mweb gave us the finger and it maybe time to move on from AfriDialUp. :erm:

I know many have done so already & it would great to hear from you in this thread.;)

Please: isp, advice, experience, stats, pricing, linespeed, uncapped vs capped, business, etc


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Jan 23, 2014
Moved all my clients from AH to RSAweb - no problems since.
The odd issue was dealt with by their support in a timely and professional fashion - unlike AH where you get snotty replies if they bother to read the problem detail at all.