Alternative to Calibre


Expert Member
Jul 14, 2006
There is another freebie app but I'm not sure it's going to give you better results than you're getting with the excellent Calibre. And you don't have to let Calibre 'take control of your library' as you put it -- just delete the metadata.db file Calibre puts in your chosen destination directory at the end of each session and start afresh. I happily convert maybe 10 or 20 books at a time and apart from being slow to load, Calibre works a treat and leaves no rubbish behind.

However if you want to try the alternative, you need to google for the free Mobipocket Reader to download. Conversion is extremely simple: you just drag and drop the ebook file you want to convert into the Mobipocket window. Downside: it produces a .prc file, not a .mobi or a .azw, but the Kindle will still read it happily. It also leaves behind a bit of junk which you need to delete each time. In some cases it does a better conversion of PDFs than Calibre, but generally there's not much difference. And it won't accept as many input formats as Calibre.