1. P

    How to convert Kindle book to PDF

    I bought a book on Kindle recently but would like to convert it to PDF Any suggestions on software that can do this?
  2. S

    Bookmark syncing

    I'd like to know is there a cloud solution whereby one can store Okular files that are related to bookmarks & highlights in the manner related to Kindle?
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    New flagship Kindle coming soon

    New flagship Kindle coming soon Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has tweeted that the company will launch a new top-of-the-line Kindle soon.
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Critical software update for older Kindles

    Critical software update for older Kindles People using outdated software on Kindle e-readers require an important update by 22 March.
  5. S

    Buying books

    Why is it that one has to buy a book in order to get a discount on the electronic version or buy an eBook version even though a physical one is present? :confused:
  6. N online shopping experience

    I shopped with recently (seeing as I could not find any reviews online :) ) and I am sad to say that they are not recommended at all. I ordered 2 kindle covers only to find out (after contacting the owner via the Web developer (as he did not respond otherwise)) that there...
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Great tech and gadget deals - 3 October 2014

    Great tech and gadget deals This weekend you can get great tech and gadget deals from Incredible Connection, Makro, HiFi Corp, and Dion Wired
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Kindle Unlimited launched by Amazon

    Amazon launches Kindle Unlimited Amazon is rolling out a new subscription service for Kindle devices that will allow users unlimited access to thousands of books
  9. jes

    Best gadgets this Christmas

    Best gadgets this Christmas Christmas is approaching, and tablets, smartphones and other gadgets remain a popular present choice; we look at some of the top gadgets this year
  10. S

    Please advise: e-Reader for my dad

    I am looking for an e-Reader (tablet) for my dad to use at home and while on holiday, something along the lines of an Amazon Kindle or the alternatives. I haven't done any research or price-checking yet, but here are the basic requirements: WiFi is a must, 3G is optional e-ink screen (or...
  11. jes

    Amazon unveils new tablets with live video helpdesk

    Kindle Fire HDX tablets unveiled by Amazon Two new high-definition tablets from Amazon feature a unique on-screen helpdesk
  12. jes

    Amazon unveils new Kindle Paperwhite e-book reader

    Amazon unveils new Kindle Paperwhite e-book reader Amazon has introduced its 6th generation Kindle Paperwhite e-book reader
  13. Jaaks

    Kindle Paperwhite WiFi New in box

    This is a latest generation Kindle and has never been used. The box was opened but Kindle not removed from it plastic and never switched on so brand new. Has the latest technology e Ink display for almost perfect paper replication in its display for hours of reading pleasure. The battery...
  14. C

    Amazon Customer Service - Kindle

    Last year I managed to get hold of a Kindle. Just plain not fire, as I am a avid reader. At the end of April I had a small mishap and the Kindle Screen only showed half. I thought with despair that I would have to shell out the cash for a new one - but wait! I chatted online with Amazon - the...
  15. jes

    Amazon buys display tech from Samsung, launches digital currency

    Amazon buys display tech from Samsung, launches digital currency Liquavista acquisition prompts rumours of flexible colour Kindle devices
  16. R13...

    Amazon is awesome

    So I damaged the screen on my kindle over the weekend. So this morning I contact Amazon support via thier web chat session and got offered $30 toward the purchase of a new kindle :). They offered me a discounted refurbed keyboard vesrion, but I wanted a new paper white so, they gave me the...
  17. jes

    Kindle Paperwhite South Africa prices

    Kindle Paperwhite South Africa prices The Kindle Paperwhite has launched in South Africa
  18. G

    Kindle on Gumtree

    What do you think? These guys legit or should i stay away? or
  19. J

    Young and old readers prefer different devices

    Young and old differ on e-book preferences Young and old audiences prefer different devices for reading, according to a study
  20. J

    Amazon begins initiative to get tablets into schools

    Amazon’s Kindle push to schools Amazon is making a push to get its Kindle e-reader and tablets into US schools