Article Mistake corrections

"South African motorists concerned over high fuel prices in the country can by buy an electric vehicle (EV) or opt to have their car converted to run on liquid petroleum gas (LPG) to escape these fees," (also the comma at the end of the sentence)
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Section heading: Electric heater and a power station
Using an eclectic heater
Correction: *electric

Third paragraph in same section
However, the draw of 800W creates a significant challenge — and expensive —when it comes to finding
Correction (word order): *creates a significant — and expensive — challenge

Caption for final article picture
Alwa 800W Quartz Heater and
Correction: Alva

Paragraph 5
Pick n Pay, Spa,r, and Woolworths customers have no free delivery options on their respective Pick n Asap!, Spar2u, or Woolies Dash services.
Corrections (remove comma within word & insert full name plus branding): *Spar *Pick n Pay ASAP! *Spar2U

Paragraph 6
Checkers offers subscribers on its XtraSavings Plus plan free Sixty60 deliveries for orders with a minimum basket value of R350.
Change word order for fluid readability (thus not technically an error): *Checkers offers free Sixty60 deliveries to subscribers on its XtraSavings Plus plan, for orders with a minimum basket value of R350.

Paragraph 9
However, if you are willing to shop in person at Checkers once every month, you could [VERB?] 10% off your basket up to a discount of R200 per month as an XtraSavings Plus subscriber.
Correction: word missing; save?

...which shows that June 2023 was the last month in which monthly sales exceeded [?} the same month in the prior year.

*Exceeded what?

Section heading: South Africa shatters EV sales record
Despite the significant drop in car sales year-on-year. More new electric vehicles (EVs) were sold in the country in 2023 than in any other year.

*One sentence: add comma, change upper case to lower case 'm'
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Paragraph 18.

Currently reads:

According to the South African Reserve Bank, the rand was trading at R10.53 to the dollar on 17 April 2024.

Potential Should Read:

According to the South African Reserve Bank, the rand was trading at R10.53 to the dollar on 17 April *2014*.

If incorrect, please remove the comment.
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“At the end of 2024, CEO of Volkswagen (VW) Passenger Cars, Thomas Schaefer warned that South Africa is becoming an undesirable location for manufacturing cars – especially amid the global shift toward EVs – due to issues such as load-shedding, rising labour costs, and problems with Transnet”

The location also makes it more difficult for motorists from the R21 northbound carriageway to enter the N1 south at speed.

The closed lanes cause a deviation from a normal gradual merge over a longer distance into a sharper and shorter entry into the N1.

This is not very accurate, those R21 people have a whole lane for themselves until after the sink hole road works.

The South African Post Office (SapoMVL) is next at R147, which involves a R72 service fee and R75 delivery fee.

I am pretty sure you guys are putting in the ENATIS transaction fee into the overall price again (as has been pointed out in previous articles), everyone pays the R72, whether using FNB or whatever, please investigate and rectify.


"one of the most extensive pirate operations on the content continent."
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"While operators worldwide have introduced roaming packages that subscribers can buy, they have failed to reduce"

Reduce what? Costs?
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