Automatic purchase of data bundles


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Jan 9, 2018
Hi All,

Does anyone know of a service which will automatically purchase Vodacom Data Bundles on your behalf and charge them to your credit card ??
I've got a bunch of IOT devices in the field which run on Prepaid Vodacom SIMs, and I have to remember to buy data bundles ever 30 days. Occasionally I forget and then the service fails.
I can set up Recurring Purchases through my bank, but here's the kicker : The recurring purchases are 'Monthly' ie. on the same date each month. The data bundles expire after 30 days !! Which means that on months with 31 days, I'll always have one day that will have no data ! Seems like a silly oversight to me.

So I'm hoping to find an independent third party service which will load specified bundles onto my SIMS ever XX days.

Anyone know of anything like that ?



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Jul 14, 2014
Not sure about the service you are looking for, but on Nedbank internet banking you can do it weekly as well.

Also look at maybe doing once off recurring bundles on vodacom. I bought a 1gb bundle recurring for 12 months for R900 and each bundle seems to last for 2 months (only on second month). You will probably need a much smaller bundle though, which will then only repeat for 6 months or so.