1. Rickster

    Is this possible with afrihost mobile/air?

    @AfriMan Hi, I have a prepaid MTN SIM and i would like to know if i could use any of afrihosts offerings to be able to use their data via APN without having to get a SIM + wifi device. Thanks.
  2. skimread

    How do you keep a prepaid cellphone number from being disconnected if not on network

    I have a prepaid cellphone number. It is prepaid and doesn't get signal overseas. Is there a way I can use it to roam overseas or not get it disconnected if I am overseas let say for year or more.
  3. A

    Prepaid electricity - Advantages/Disadvantages

    Hi everyone I have just bought a house recently and moving in soon but I am considering moving to prepaid electricity. I want to know all the advantages of having prepaid and disadvantages as well. I currently rent a unit and the electricity bill is insane as I am not on prepaid and City of...
  4. C

    Cell C - Data Bundle Extension

    Hello, With reference to Cell C having taken action by allowing customers to extend data bundle expiration dates, by purchasing additional data: Please can you answer these questions for me: 1) Is it possible to extend my existing "Cell C 100 GIGA" 12 month prepaid data bundle that expires on...
  5. T

    Automatic purchase of data bundles

    Hi All, Does anyone know of a service which will automatically purchase Vodacom Data Bundles on your behalf and charge them to your credit card ?? I've got a bunch of IOT devices in the field which run on Prepaid Vodacom SIMs, and I have to remember to buy data bundles ever 30 days...
  6. E

    Vodacom Prepaid 79c promotion expiring soon

    I see that according to the Ts & Cs there Vodacom Prepaid 79c plan is ending on the 27th of August 2017. I really do hope Vodacom extends the promotion as I believe its the best value prepaid or contract plan out there currently...
  7. T

    FNB Connect prepaid tariff

    Hi, I have recently got an FNB Connect SIM card, does anybody know how much it charges for a one minute call? I have not loaded it with airtime yet. I just want to know upfront, FNB website isn't helping with the information I need. Thanks.
  8. K

    Prepaid Meter Installation - Duplex

    Hi, Here's the situation. I live in a duplex, where the owner receives a electricity bill and he splits it up between us, which is unfair in my opinion. I now wish to get myself a prepaid meter. However, if I am not mistaken, it's not allowed to have 2 meters on one property. Is there any...
  9. F

    New startup business

    I am thinking about starting my own prepaid business similar to this one and would like your input about the viability of this type of business
  10. f2wohf

    Best large prepaid data bundle

    Hi, My fibre connection is likely to take an additional month so I'm looking for a large data bundle (over 50GB) to be able to stream Netflix, Kodi until then. I've already made a quick market research and find that Cell C Giga bundles are most likely to be the cheapest ones: Anyone...
  11. A

    Prepaid Metre - AM I BEING MISLED

    Prepaid Meter - AM I BEING MISLED Good day I had a prepaid electricity meter installed in the house that we let out, by company X about 4 years ago. Last month i had a new tenant move in. She loaded in R500 and only got R400 worth of electricity. The tenant complained and Company X notified...
  12. Kevin Lancaster

    Prepaid price shootout: Vodacom vs MTN vs Cell C vs Telkom

    Prepaid price shootout: Vodacom vs MTN vs Cell C vs Telkom Research ICT Africa has released its Prepaid Pricing Trends in South Africa – Q2 2016 report, which shows how the mobile operators compare on prepaid pricing.
  13. J

    Telkom LTE on Prepaid or Monthly: Is it Possible

    Hi As you know things change. And I don't like contracts. I have Telkom LTE coverage. I have a LTE Modem I have never used for LTE. We currently depend on copper adsl and it falls over regularly with Telkom taking 7 days or more to fix it's not fun. I cannot get fiber - in two years...
  14. QuintonB

    Virgin Mobile launches new starter packs and reduced rates

    Virgin Mobile cuts prepaid call rate New 2SIM prepaid starter packs, and a reduced call rate on Virgin Mobile.
  15. S

    City Power prepaid rates for 3 phase residential connection + smart meter

    I recently moved into a new place with a prepaid meter, and the electricity recharges are ridiculously high compared to what I was paying at my old place. The old place had single phase electricity and one of the old prepaid meters (i.e. not smart). My prepaid recharges in September/October...
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    Prepaid vs contract: how much we spend on mobile networks

    Prepaid vs contract: how much South Africans spend on mobile networks Results from a new IAB and Effective Measure poll look at how much contract and prepaid mobile subscribers pay in relation to one another.
  17. Chevron

    Prepid vs Post Paid by Country

    Came across this while doing some research and thought it was quite interesting. Surprised by Japan.
  18. S

    Online call history for prepaid Neotel CMDA phone?

    Hi to all. Does anyone know if there is a way to download the call history from a Neotel prepaid landline CDMA phone? Is there an online portal where you can view call history, or perhaps a way to sign up for email reports? If not, is there a way to export the data directly from the phone...
  19. S

    Will using an MTN phone on the Vodacom network void the warranty?

    As the title states, Will using an MTN phone on the Vodacom network void the warranty? So you have a phone that is MTN stock, either purchased on prepaid, or from an MTN contract. Instead of using an MTN sim card in the phone, you use a Vodacom/Cell C/Telkom Mobile sim card instead. Will this...
  20. NinTniN

    Unlimited Data SIM

    Anyone know anything about Unlimited mobile data at R149???