1. OnlyOneKenobi

    VC Pay prepaid credit card alternatives?

    A few years ago, I used a pre-paid credit card with VC Pay for online subscriptions and purchases but it seems they've gone under and the app is no longer in the app store (although their website is still up). Is there any alternative to VC Pay, other than using a virtual credit cards from a...
  2. Hanno Labuschagne

    Mobile data prices in SA — prepaid versus contract

    Mobile data prices in SA — prepaid versus contract If you are buying the same amount of prepaid data on a regular price plan every month, you are paying much more than you would on contract or specialised price plans, a MyBroadband comparison shows. For users whose needs vary significantly...
  3. JSRJJ

    Prepaid SIM deactivated after being in India for more than a year

    One of my friends to his surprise found today morning that his prepaid SIM has stopped working. Its been last 15 years he has the same number. Since last year he is in India and as of today it has around ZAR 150 balance. The MSISDN was never used for making/receiving calls or sending SMS while...
  4. T

    Afrihost Mobile Data - SIM card not authenticating to Afrihost APN

    Good Morning for the last 48 hours , I have been waiting for Afrihost in conjunction with MTN to get my MTN prepaid SIM card to authenticate and be visible on the Afrihost APN Network Although Afrihost has escalated it to MTN and Critical Care ticket was opened (ticket ending in 5755), it...
  5. Jan

    Telkom and Openserve launch prepaid uncapped fibre vouchers

    Telkom launches uncapped prepaid fibre — starting at R99 for 3 days Telkom has launched uncapped prepaid fibre offerings starting from R99 for three days' worth of access.
  6. G

    Prepaid Electricity Fees

    I moved into a new place with a new prepaid metering company. After purchasing electricity a few times, I noticed that the kWh I receive is always exactly 5% below the amount I pay for. This includes the new Eskom tariff increase, 15% VAT, and the fee my bank charges me when buying prepaid. I...
  7. J

    Vodacom prepaid customers hit by airtime theft

    Vodacom prepaid customers hit by airtime theft An industry investigation revealed airtime theft on a mass scale from Vodacom’s prepaid customers, with fraudsters use a gateway developed by the mobile operator to bill victims. The results of this investigation were provided to MyBroadband on...
  8. G

    Roaming and keeping a MTN number active

    I recently had an experience with trying to keep access to my MTN prepaid sim card while on SMS roaming in the east of US. For context, I have been on SMS roaming for 110 days and have been recharging airtime and sending a sms every month to keep the number active. I received a message from...
  9. oros

    what is the cheapest?

    Hi I want to who is the cheapest prepaid service provider in calls and data and also that gives value for money between telkom mobile,fnb mobile and cell c? Do you guys know? As I am looking to see if it is worth the effort or time to move from telkom mobile?
  10. cobusv

    Best Prepaid (Voice & Data)

    Hello Guys, I'm sure this has been discussed to death but i'm really in two minds as to what is currently the best mobile prepaid out there. I just finished up a contract stint with MTN but i have no desire to sign up for another contract as this is too expensive and i really dont see the...
  11. Rickster

    Is this possible with afrihost mobile/air?

    @AfriMan Hi, I have a prepaid MTN SIM and i would like to know if i could use any of afrihosts offerings to be able to use their data via APN without having to get a SIM + wifi device. Thanks.
  12. skimread

    How do you keep a prepaid cellphone number from being disconnected if not on network

    I have a prepaid cellphone number. It is prepaid and doesn't get signal overseas. Is there a way I can use it to roam overseas or not get it disconnected if I am overseas let say for year or more.
  13. C

    Cell C - Data Bundle Extension

    Hello, With reference to Cell C having taken action by allowing customers to extend data bundle expiration dates, by purchasing additional data: Please can you answer these questions for me: 1) Is it possible to extend my existing "Cell C 100 GIGA" 12 month prepaid data bundle that expires on...
  14. T

    Automatic purchase of data bundles

    Hi All, Does anyone know of a service which will automatically purchase Vodacom Data Bundles on your behalf and charge them to your credit card ?? I've got a bunch of IOT devices in the field which run on Prepaid Vodacom SIMs, and I have to remember to buy data bundles ever 30 days...
  15. E

    Vodacom Prepaid 79c promotion expiring soon

    I see that according to the Ts & Cs there Vodacom Prepaid 79c plan is ending on the 27th of August 2017. I really do hope Vodacom extends the promotion as I believe its the best value prepaid or contract plan out there currently...
  16. T

    FNB Connect prepaid tariff

    Hi, I have recently got an FNB Connect SIM card, does anybody know how much it charges for a one minute call? I have not loaded it with airtime yet. I just want to know upfront, FNB website isn't helping with the information I need. Thanks.
  17. K

    Prepaid Meter Installation - Duplex

    Hi, Here's the situation. I live in a duplex, where the owner receives a electricity bill and he splits it up between us, which is unfair in my opinion. I now wish to get myself a prepaid meter. However, if I am not mistaken, it's not allowed to have 2 meters on one property. Is there any...
  18. F

    New startup business

    I am thinking about starting my own prepaid business similar to this one and would like your input about the viability of this type of business
  19. f2wohf

    Best large prepaid data bundle

    Hi, My fibre connection is likely to take an additional month so I'm looking for a large data bundle (over 50GB) to be able to stream Netflix, Kodi until then. I've already made a quick market research and find that Cell C Giga bundles are most likely to be the cheapest ones: Anyone...
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    Prepaid price shootout: Vodacom vs MTN vs Cell C vs Telkom

    Prepaid price shootout: Vodacom vs MTN vs Cell C vs Telkom Research ICT Africa has released its Prepaid Pricing Trends in South Africa – Q2 2016 report, which shows how the mobile operators compare on prepaid pricing.