1. S

    Will using an MTN phone on the Vodacom network void the warranty?

    As the title states, Will using an MTN phone on the Vodacom network void the warranty? So you have a phone that is MTN stock, either purchased on prepaid, or from an MTN contract. Instead of using an MTN sim card in the phone, you use a Vodacom/Cell C/Telkom Mobile sim card instead. Will this...
  2. NinTniN

    Unlimited Data SIM

    Anyone know anything about Unlimited mobile data at R149???
  3. M

    What to do with R1200 Airtime?

    Hi I am legible to get an upgrade on my TopUp but I am choosing to go prepaid instead. Problem is that I have R1200 airtime which will be lost once I switch. I already tried transferring it, but one can only transfer prepaid airtime. Any ideas how I can transfer the airtime or any good...
  4. mountain_lion

    SMS only pre-paid: Which provider

    I need a SIM for a device which will be sending and receiving SMS. Calls will only be received, although not answered. Low SMS volumes, say 10 messages per week. Prepaid seems to the way to go, but which operator & package? CellC is out - poor coverage at the intended location. Vodacom & MTN...
  5. K

    Where to buy a smartphone prepaid?

    Hi guys I realise there are some threads with this topic already, but they're old and I don't want to bump them. I want to buy a new smartphone prepaid, but I have no idea where. I'm looking at the Sony Xperia M2. Orange sells the M2 for R2 685 which is very reasonable. My father got it a...
  6. L

    Vodacom needs a Prepaid Unlimited package

    MTN and Cell C has a Unlimited prepaid package why does vodacom not have one?
  7. T

    Dear Mr Cell C CEO - Jose Dos Santos (Please forward CellC Rep)

    Dear Mr. CEO; I trust the Cell C Rep will forward this to his CEO!! :sick: I read with interest the article published by Mybroadband with reference to the market share of prepaid amongst the four network providers...
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    MTN LTE enabled for pre-paid customers

    MTN LTE now on pre-paid MTN has finally enabled access to its Long Term Evolution network for pre-paid subscribers
  9. J

    FREE telkom land line prepaid R50 voucher

    Hello, sorry, I don't know where to post this (the general forum with a giveaways section seems to be only for mbb folks).. I bought a R50 telkom voucher in March thinking it was a telkom mobile voucher, but it turned out to be a prepaid Telkom land line voucher. I can't use it and I hope...
  10. QuintonB

    Vodacom launches 20 minutes for R10 promo

    Vodacom “Chat for 20″ promotion Vodacom has launched a promotional bundle with an effective call rate of 50c per minute to all networks
  11. N

    MTN 79c prepaid place plan and the PAYG bundle promos - Q&A

    So, after MTN announced the new 79c per minute promo, I went to website to gather more information and also check that I am getting the best prepaid deal(s). I then saw the PAYG Bundles which have the same call rate (79c) but come with added extras. "Dial *141*2*794# and one can select the...
  12. Jan

    "We're guilty": MTN to Cell C in interconnect rate fight

    “We’re guilty” – MTN to Cell C MTN has taken a swing at Cell C over mobile termination rates, this time in a double-spread ad in the Sunday Times.
  13. E

    Keep getting old page on Vodacom

    I need to go on 3g for 2 or 3 weeks and trying to find vodacom pricing since its quicker, but I keep getting here: Which is outdated as hell (R829 for 5 gigs). Anyone know where the new list is...
  14. A

    CellC Number Retention

    Dear CellC Rep, Customer Service email doesn't respond. Call quality to the call center is poor enough to make it frustrating, and best of all when I was nearly done I got a "...peep, click, beep ... Welcome to CellC, how can I help you?" - they actually dropped the call and reconnected me to...
  15. D

    Sim Sonke

    Sup Guys So I just got an SMS on my sim sonke sim card saying that national roaming (via MTN) is now enabled :) Which officially makes Sim Sonke on Telkom Mobile the cheapest prepaid plan. Calls to other at 75c Calls in Telkom Mobile at 29c SMS/MMS/MB 29c Data bundles can be loaded as well...
  16. NeonNinja

    Mobile broadband operators - some proposals (Sept. 2013)

    Re: Afrihost Mobile, Cell C, MTN, Telkom Mobile/8ta, Vodacom. R300 - 20GB : 15/GB. R600 - 50GB : 12/GB. R1000 - 100GB : R10/GB. R2000 - 250GB : R8/GB. At least 50% of this must be day time data: 20GB = 10GB day time. 50GB = 25GB day time. 100GB = 50GB day time. 250GB = 125GB day time. And...
  17. QuintonB

    Vodacom intros new My 5 prepaid product

    Vodacom My 5 prepaid service unveiled New Vodacom prepaid product cuts communication rates between friends on the Vodacom network
  18. S

    Question regarding to electricity tarrifs - Centlec

    Hi. I live in bloemfontein, so Centlec is supplying the power. I would like to hear some opinions please regarding this situation: I moved in 2 months ago into a flat. The electricity is split into two where both parties buy prepaid . My electricity runs through a "rotating disc meter" and...
  19. A

    Porting existing Vodacom prepaid number to existing Vodacom contract

    Is there a way to port an existing Vodacom prepaid number to an existing Vodacom contract? I want to change my existing contract number to prepaid so that I can port to Cell C contract. Vodacom's iPhone deals are ridiculously expensive.
  20. A

    Cell C Data Rip-Off

    After trying to deal with Cell C about them overcharging me through their call centre (joke), Facebook page and their nearest shop to me, I'm on the verge of writing them off. As a last resort, maybe someone here has a suggestion. Here's the story: I use a prepaid / pay-as-you-go Cell C...