1. Rouxenator

    Do you have to call between 12 and 5am ?

    In a recent Vodacom ad on the radio I heard that you now get 60 minutes of free talk time for calls between midnight and 5am (if you recharge with something). While this certainly is appealing for nurses, petrol pump attendants and hookers who are experiencing a slow [-]day[/-] night at work - I...
  2. krycor

    How do i set up internet on a new sim for phone?

    As per title.. How do i set up internet on a new sim for phone? This is on a new prepaid phone sim 32k card. Uhm i did the request for wap & mms settings etc and installed it but no net access. Does one have to do anything else to activate it? (brother is borrowing my phone) I use vodacom with...
  3. P

    Prepaid IS

    I want to buy some local prepaid Internet Solutions bandwidth. From whom can I purchase this from?
  4. S

    Best prices for BlackBerry Bold - Prepaid

    Found a good deal on for £424.94 roughly translating to R6506. Could have that delivered to my friend in the UK and then have it shipped down here with ParcelForce for another £38 (R524.00) Looking like: R7030.00 Still have to check if any of my friends in the UK are...
  5. G

    Gamecards Pricing & FAQ (Stock has arrived)

    F.A.Q Should be great value for money! Easy. P.M me your email address. I will follow up with exact instructions. Once payment is confirmed in my bank account your card should be on its way to you. Normal price is R320 for EU and R267 for US (limited stock) prepaid gametime card -irrelavant- :(...
  6. N

    MTN Porting

    I have a Pro Call 220 contract with MTN which is currently on month2month as the main contract duration ended in April 2008. Is it possible to port this contract to MTN Prepaid? I dont want another long term contract until the proposed Consumer Protection Bill is enacted into legislation. I also...
  7. T

    Can you get prepaid IS bandwidth/accounts?

    As the title says.
  8. H

    IS Semi-shaped resellers

    Who sells semi-shaped packages that gives you local access after you have reached your cap? Looked at openweb but they work on "pay now and activate later" and axxess does not offer after cap "local only" Thanks guys
  9. DXL

    NeoTel - Prepaid

    Please read carefully before you post any smart ass criticism ! Neotel , would you be kind enough to open up your network to all South Africans via a prepaid mobile sim with a fixed number and have prepaid on it like in India. So we the ordinary South Africans can purchase CDMA mobile phones...
  10. V

    [Read This First] FAQ: Vodacom's Data, Data Bundles, 3G, HSDPA, HSUPA, EDGE, etc

    Please look here first for information pertaining to the Vodacom HSDPA/3G/EDGE/GPRS data services. Please posts any suggestions in this thread and I'll add them in. Additional FAQ for Data Bundles (Contract & Pre-paid) Additional FAQ for HSDPA Additional FAQ for Vista Additional FAQ for...