1. M

    Porting Query

    Hi Everyone, Might have ended up delaying my S2!! What I did as my VC contract with one of their dealers was coming to an end so I had the contract moved to prepaid so I could shop around and take my time as I was very busy. Now I want to sign up with the same dealer for an mtn contract...
  2. jes

    Cell C Prepaid offering free data and airtime?

    Cell C Prepaid offering free data and airtime? Users are reporting that Cell C is offering prepaid users free data and SMSes just for recharging
  3. jes

    Cell C 3GB prepaid and Vodacom Internet started pack compared

    Cell C 3GB prepaid and Vodacom Internet started pack compared Cell C recently launched a prepaid 3GB bundled service, taking on Vodacom’s Internet Starter Pack and MTN’s 75MB F@stlink contract
  4. J

    Number swapping.

    Question for any vodacom okes who troll this forum: Vodacom say they can change my cell number on my Vodacom contract for R285.00, but can only change it to a brand new number that has never been used. If I have a prepaid Vodacom number that I would like to use, why can't they give that number...
  5. jes

    Consumer Protection Act and 3 year prepaid data rollover

    Consumer Protection Act and 3 year prepaid data rollover South Africa's Consumer Protection Act states that prepaid vouchers must remain valid for 3 years – how does this impact data and airtime rollover?
  6. B

    BlackBerry without BIS

    Does anyone know if one can run normal GPRS internet on a BlackBerry without the BIS added? We have tried this with an older 8707v BlackBerry but we were given a service book error. When VODACOM was contacted they said it is not possible to use any internet services on the BlackBerry...
  7. jes

    Virgin Mobile plans ‘free airtime’ prepaid product

    Virgin Mobile plans ‘free airtime’ product Virgin Mobile is set to launch a new prepaid reward product, giving subscribers R10 free airtime every time R30 of airtime is used
  8. jes

    Vodacom Talking Points data bundles mean less is more

    Vodacom Talking Points data bundles mean less is more Getting the most out of your prepaid rewards on Vodacom is somewhat counter-intuitive when it comes to data bundles
  9. jes

    Prepaid electricity Android app available

    Prepaid electricity Android app available Powertime announced mobile phone applications that allow consumers to purchase prepaid electricity
  10. Budza

    I'm due for an Upgrade. Anyone want to buy a phone? (MTN)

    As in title. I bought myself a new one at the Duty Free shop. Now I'm due for an upgrade, but don't need one... I'm keen to recoup part of the cost of my Desire HD. I'm on MTN 200- any phone that's available on there I'll be able to get, then we can work out what the cost of the phone is...
  11. jes

    Cell C offers to double free minutes on prepaid

    Cell C offers to double free minutes on prepaid Cell C announces an “early Christmas present” for customers
  12. S

    Iphone 4 prepaid pricing for Vodacom.

    hey guys Both Vodacom and MTN are having launch party's for the iphone 4 tomorrow night making them available from the 22nd Of September. After tweeting: Tag11Mac tweeted saying that Vodacom dealers have the prepaid price of them,he reckons that the price is Iphone 4 16GB=R7399 iphone 4...
  13. rpm

    Cell C slashes data bundle prices

    Supersonic surfing for only 5c per MB Cell C slashes its data bundle rates, offering 24 GB and 60 GB data bundles at very aggressive pricing
  14. rpm

    Neotel planning prepaid data bundles, broadband in future

    Neotel planning prepaid broadband and data bundles Neotel has recently unveiled their first prepaid offering, but plans are afoot to expand its existing service
  15. LazyLion

    Where is the best place to buy VC Airtime online?

    Where is the best (and safest and cheapest) place to buy Vodacom Airtime online?
  16. S

    Unable to receive Calls & SMSs on MTN prepaid

    Hi. I recently cancelled an MTN contract, signed with Nashua Mobile, and asked to be moved to prepaid. I was told I would be switched to prepaid at the beginning of October. I was out of the country during this time, and only returned yesterday. I can confirm that I have been moved to...
  17. D

    Which online/SMS payment services have you used?

    Which online/SMS prepaid electricity payment services have you used? Experiences? We've used for quite a while now, but we're looking for a service that accepts debit cards or EFTs. Here are some of the sites selling prepaid electricity:
  18. R

    Migrate Contract to Pre-Paid - Italk / MTN

    Hi Everyone, Anyone have any information / success stories on migrating from an MTN contract to a Pre-paid (i.e. keeping your number without being shackled to Italk)
  19. S

    Prepaid wireless service could spur price war. (USA)

    The recession makes it's move on the cell market there. Full article here.
  20. K

    Need help with Blackberry Bold

    I have recently got a Blackberry Bold and have a control chat contract through Cell C. Apparently I have to get Blackberry Internet Service for my ohone in order to retrieve my personal e-mails and browse the net. Can anyone please help me get this service?:confused: I know I have to pay R59...