1. jes

    Vodacom pre-paid hits 2c per-second

    Vodacom pre-paid hits 2c per-second Vodacom has launched a pre-paid rate of R1.20 per minute, billed per second
  2. L

    Need help on RICA legisilation regarding purchasing cellphone only (not sim)

    Hi Guys Not sure if this is the right forum for this. I've been trying to research the RICA law but I'm bad at reading and interpreting all legal speak. I just wanted to know if its legal to force someone whose phone is damaged - to buy a sim card and register it with RICA before being able...
  3. G

    Data Bundles: A comparison of costs

    Now that I've decided to ditch my Blackberry (and accompanying BIS), I am interested in prepaid data bundle costs. I hunted around MyBB but couldn't find a comparison of prepaid data bundle costs between Vodacom, MTN and CellC. Found this useful however although it is a few months old...
  4. jes

    SA's cellular tariff maze

    SA's cellular tariff maze Mobile costs in South Africa are confusing and sometimes downright nonsensical, argues ICASA councillor William Stucke
  5. B

    Pre paid sim, buy data bundles for iPad

    Hi I'm looking to get a iPad. I will be using it on wifi at home 95% of the time so it's not worth getting a data contract because it will be a waist of data. I was thinking best would be to get a pre paid Cell C sim and to just buy data bundles for the times I'm away from wifi. Just want to...
  6. D

    Some questions on Vodacom rates

    Hi I'm visiting SA for about 5 weeks and am trying to find a good SIM/prepaid plan for the trip. I'll be travelling in the main cities and the Kruger Park and I guess I'll need around 100 min of talk time and 500MB of data. Tossing up between Cell C & Vodacom. On Vodacom I could choose...
  7. M

    Check airtime service down?

    This is the first time I am experiencing this, dial *100# and got an error, tried to check on the Vodacom site and it says that my airtime balance is unavailable. is there a problem with the service at the moment? As an added note I am unable to send sms.
  8. K

    WirelessG Gconnect

    Hi All, Any Comments on the Wireless G Uncapped ADSL Offers? I am having trouble with them currently:mad:...
  9. R

    Switching of cellphone numbers

    Hi! I am currently on a Topup Contract with Vodacom. I wan't to change my current number to a prepaid number. I have a contract and a prepaid and want to switch the two contract's number. How can I do that? Thanks
  10. D

    Which prepaid for smart phone?

  11. jes

    TopTV pre-paid vouchers confirmed available at Pep

    TopTV pre-paid vouchers confirmed available at Pep Pep stores to drop Top TV decoders, start selling prepaid TopTV
  12. B

    The demise of the prepaid 365 day 3GB Smartdata voucher

    It's gone....:cry: Just came back from trying to buy one at a Cell C store. No can do....sorry sir.. If you want this now, you have to buy a new 3GB sim @R399, so have to produce ID and proof of residence for RICA yet again. Pretty annoying, as I didn't have that with me, even though...
  13. R13...

    Tshwane changing to all pre-paid electricity

    So, they are solving the billing problems by changing to all pre-paid metering. Most of the article is on the budget and rates, The Source I don't really see this solving their billing problems. Those who aren't paying now will now be able to use electricity for free without getting cut...
  14. blaaislaai

    When Can I Cancel?

    I can upgrade again on 16 September 2012, but actually want to cancel my contract and move back to prepaid. Will I be able to cancel on that date? Or only on the day the contract was taken out,which is someday in December. Thanks
  15. QuintonB

    MTN now has R2 prepaid recharge vouchers available

    MTN adds R2 prepaid recharge voucher A new recharge denomination is available to MTN Pay-As-You-Go customers
  16. D

    Incoming calls

    Hello, Let me start by saying I hope this is the right forum - please don't flame me if it is not. I looking to have a prepaid phone contract from Vodacom and wanted to ask something on the voice services since the data seems pretty straight forward. Are incoming calls still free?(aka dont...
  17. S

    Getting an ipad 2

    Hey guys, getting an ipad, mostly for university. Want to know what the best prepaid 3g data package will be? Most, if not all, apps will be downloaded with my wifi at home. Was looking at cell c's pre-paid data sim cards- R399 for 3gigs, valid for a year. Seems the best I can find...
  18. R

    8ta credit card facility on Website not working

    Why is the 8ta credit card facility to buy prepaid airtime never working on the Website? Asked them about it two weeks ago, got the response via Twitter: "Hi, we do have a problem with the credit card. We are busy working on it. Thank you." It is however still coming back with this...
  19. F

    So what's with Vodacom's new wireless broadband bundle rates?

    I know that my poor little brain is easily confused... but this time I really don't get it. First, I read that "Vodacom is planning to cut its mobile broadband tariffs soon to ensure its products remain competitively priced." Then Vodacom gushes that "Now, all Prepaid and Top Up Once-off data...
  20. K

    Is it necessary to un-Rica/deregister lost sim card

    I moved a couple days ago and lost my sim card that I use for the internet. It's somewhere in one of the boxes, but I couldn't be bothered with hunting for it. It didn't have any data or credit left on it so I just went and got a new prepaid sim(new number). Is it ok if I just leave the old sim...