Battery Life + Telkom LTE


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Aug 10, 2004
About 2/3 weeks ago my iPhones battery life just suddenly became terrible, would go from full to empty after a few hours..

App power usage was normal, turning off background processes, low power mode.. no luck.

On a whim I turned off LTE and it's been perfect on 3G ever since - if I turn LTE back on then battery starts draining immediately again.

Has anyone else come across this?
Yes this is something that mybb should be investigating.

I have a suspicion that it could be the LTE-A and 4x4 mimo on normal LTE that is draining the battery. The battery gets drained by the cell radio no doubt.
I've experienced battery drainage issues for a couple of years now. I'm within coverage, getting between 3 to 5 bars of signal.
Same experience for me, much better battery life on 3G. Even when I'm connected to wifi most of the day.
I have the same on my Galaxy S8. I forced roaming to MTN and the battery is much better.

Something is not right with Telkom's network
I have the same on my Galaxy S8. I forced roaming to MTN and the battery is much better.

Something is not right with Telkom's network

I have a S8 too and even if I'm on wifi the whole day I can't finish working hours without having to plug the charger in. WHen I have a MTN simcard in I reach home with at least 45% battery left with same usage.
Anyone have anything similar with MTN and Lte, also having poor battery life but I'm on Mtn?

Wouldn't using 3g or Lte and no WiFi use the least battery power, WiFi would only use less power if you first put the device into flight mode?
I have an iPhone SE with excellent battery health, was on Cell C and had no issues.
I recently ported to Telkom and now dead each morning.
Telkom seems to have issues, yet signal where I am seems ok.
Would be good if MyBB investigated this.
Same here on Telkom Mobile, iphone 8 baytery usually lasted a full day with 45% by the time i gt home but now on telkom mobile my phone hardly stays alive by the time i get home roughly 10% left. Thought it was something on the phone but in all honestly all that changed was the move to telkom mobile
My Huawei Pro 8" had a TM SIM and as a hotspot would last almost 2 days.

It now works as a hotspot with a Vodacom SIM, lasts over 3 days now on one charge.
My Xiaomi A1 barely lasts a day on TM, where thousands of others happily report a day and a half.

I had thought that I got a dud battery.
I ported to TM a few weeks ago and noticed exact the same thing.
Was going to start a new thread, and then noticed this
Where are the MBB sleuths??
Here is a live case!!
Who will crack it?
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I recently ported from Telkom to CellC and I can say that my battery-life improved quite a bit (at least 30%). Even when force-roaming on MTN's 3G the battery life was ever so slightly better, but not by much.
I had the same experience. I forced my phone to roam on EMPTY-N and the problem was resolved. When roaming it forces the network connection to 3G and that's likely why.

Telkom is experiencing issues with their mobile network, the silence on the other hand, about it, is absolutely astonishing.
Anyone worked out the issue with telkom yet? Data network also seems slow the last few days just noticing when sending pics around on whatsapp they take a long time to send
Resolution for me was to force MTN roaming most of the time.

When I bought TM data bundles I prepared for the cheap data/more battery usage compromise.

I think if left to choose for itself, Telkom prefers you to use their towers (obviously they don't then pay MTN for the roaming) even if they are further away/lower signal. You phone then has to work harder to send/receive from these TM towers, depleting the battery.

When I force MTN roaming my battery life is much better. I haven't tried forcing TM 3G instead of TM LTE- I may try that next.