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Sep 2, 2019
Big questions over Apple's AI software

Apple, a company known for its longstanding commitment to user privacy, has received flak since unveiling its artificial intelligence (AI) strategy at its Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10.

This relates to the centrepiece of Apple Intelligence, which gives users access to OpenAI’s powerful generative AI tool, ChatGPT.

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Lawmakers across the globe should intervene and limit these types of new technology. The new generation are way too focused on nonsense like privacy and should not see, experience of have access to this technology.
There are no big questions, only idiots who can’t understand the most basic of explanations.
Try this for a VERY interesting read...
You still have some way to go. Keep at it, kid!
No way - I think I’m there.

I can argue that anything I have is the best and the company made the best choice ever.

So my QLED TV? They didn’t *want* to have the deep blacks of an OLED because it crushes the detail. So they purposely chose to elevate the black levels. It was intentional and brilliant choice from the best company in the world. The TV also has a slight blue tinge that people think is a negative - but it was a brilliant and thoughtful decision because studies show that everyone’s eyes are slightly different. Thus Samsung intentionally elected and its just far ahead of the curve.

Samsung also only did OLED now because the market wasn’t ready yet. Samsung don’t do things first - but they do it properly. Brilliant design! Brilliant timing! Perfect & amazing!

(How was that as applying the Apple concept to other products?)
Is his real?

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Apple has issued a new spyware attack warning to users in 98 countries. It’s the second time the iPhone maker has released an alert of this nature over the last few months. Apple issued a similar spyware alert back in April when it warned iPhone users in 92 countries they had been targeted in attacks.