Cable theft delays SEACOM

This could very well NOT be a 1 April joke. This is SA and a story like this is 100% believable.
if this isnt april fools i shall punch the next person i see in the face
Nice one! Just sorry that it might just as well have been true.

Hope they didn't stir up a hornet's nest here. Telkom might just as well hire a few guys to do this for real to take down the competition.
How funny would this actually be if we all think it's just a joke and it ends up being true?
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If this is true, then wtf are the morons gonna do with the fibre cables? Melt them down and make windows out of them?
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Nice one... I'll honestly say for a moment I was having heart failure. You have no idea what that did to my pulse rate ;p

Worked 2 damn hard to make sure everything is in place for Seacom's arrival

hahaha mannnn congrats on the good april fools ;p
RPM, can we please have these comments wiped or give the link from the article another clean thread. I would like to see if this causes nonsense with the morning people.
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