Cancelling Cellphone Contract


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Apr 1, 2005
I want to cancel my Vodacom contract as I am not happy with the service and the price I am paying. Do they still have the policy that you need to pay 75% of the outstanding contract? I am happy to pay for the phone - I'm just baulking at having to pay for service I will never receive. Is this actually legitimate under the new consumer protection act?


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Dec 6, 2010
If you want to cancel do the following;
1. Call 082 1958. You would need to give 30 days’ calendar written notice to cancel a contract.
2. If the contract duration has not yet elapsed (premature contract), a premature cancellation fee will be requested and will be payable in full prior to the cancellation taking effect which is 75 % of outstanding.
3. The premature cancellation fee will be calculated as follows:
All subscriptions as would normally be due for the outstanding duration of the contract period. This includes all value added services but excludes insurance and 147. Any outstanding amounts on the account appropriate to the customer requesting cancellation. The current unbilled call values appropriate to the customer requesting cancellation. Also if the handset was financed the total remaining cost is also due as they don't want the handset back.

As for the 75%, it is legal as the CPA never stipulated an actual cancellation fee. Rather they said "a reasonable cancellation fee". I guess 75% is reasonable for Vodacom. :wtf: