1. A

    OpenServe Cancelling My Line Without Consent - Help!

    I've been without internet access since the morning of Friday 24 June. My ISP is Afrihost. I have a DSL line (no fibre in the area yet). After spinning the wheel to find out why my connection wasn't working (Billing? Nope, up to date. Router reconfiguration? Nope, tried that multiple times, no...
  2. A

    Tormented by Webafrica

    I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus and vent my frustrations a bit with Webafrica. My fibre degraded completely around mid-October and after much frustration, I decided to cancel my service with them... only to find out they won't let me do that, and I'm forced to pay for service until...
  3. M

    Cancelling a Lease Agreement

    Our current lease agreement states 2 calendar months notice must be given if you want to cancel the lease. We found a property that my wife really likes except the owner wants occupation 1 September. Can we give a weeks notice to cancel our existing lease agreement? What are the consequences...
  4. F

    Rain 5G cancellation

    I've submitted a request to cancel my 5G subscription 6 days ago and received confirmation of my request but I haven't heard back from Rain support. I'm posting here in the hope that I can be helped in order to get a refund since it's less than a month since my delivery. What is the best way to...
  5. L

    Why is it impossible to cancel a Cell C contract

    I have been trying for the past few MONTHS to cancel a Cell C contract. It is impossible to get through to the retention department. Every single time I try to call 083 143 I get "The number you have dialled does not exist". Then if I call the customer service number and finally get through to...
  6. centurionguy

    Vodacom cancellation hassles

    Has anyone else had a problem cancelling business services with Vodacom? I am trying to cancel some of our corporate services. I have written to and attached a signed letter from our directors along with a directors ID, as required. I then receive a reference number...
  7. Savy561

    Telkom lte cancellation discussion

    Im looking for some suggestions on how to cancel my telkom smartbroadband wireless package without breaking the bank. I have heard that if you move out of the coverage area, they will drop the contract, has anyone does this before? Is it possible to downgrade to the lowest package resulting in...
  8. J

    How to cancel Telkom lines or services

    I have recently been involved in assisting clients with cancelling their Telkom services. As recent articles ahve highlighted Telkom is swamped with cancellation requests As of Jun 2018 Cancellations are now initiated on line or through 10210 10210 cancellation tries hard to push the...
  9. RyanPCMR

    MyMondo and MTN laziness with contract cancellation

    Just wanted to post this thread warning everyone that wants to take out a contract phone with MTN through MyMondo. These guys phoned my wife and promised her the best phone contract (or so we thought at the time) on a Huawei P8 Lite 2017. After receiving the phone she had a problem getting the...
  10. V

    Cancellation of Vodacom Fraudulent Contract Renewal

    I have a contract that was renewed fraudulently. I have requested that it be cancelled but it's been months now. I have sent my affidavit and ID copy to Vodacom months back. already. A lady from Vodacom Investigations said it'll take her around 7 days to investigate the Vodashop that did the...
  11. B

    How to cancel/(transfer) SABC TV license (Sold or Donated TV)

    I tried to find out how I could go about cancelling my TV license because I no longer own a TV as I gave it to a friend of mine. The information out there was very vague and definetly not helpful at all! I decided to create this post so that others do not have to go through a similar struggle...
  12. W

    Afrihost DSL Data cancellation

    Planning to cancel my DSL account with Afrihost. If I cancel it will the account still be active till the end of the month or does Afrihost pull the plug on me? I still have roughly 150gb left. I would call them but I dont really want to sit on the phone for half an hour. Thanks in advanced...
  13. S


    BEWARE: REFUND SECRETS With a large number of posts regarding moving accounts, it might be good to note a few things when cancelling. Here's my experiences after testing 2 ISP's and ultimately moving to a 3rd. If you purchase uncapped accounts and use any data on that account, you will not...
  14. Centronix

    Cell C Contract Cancellation Issues

    Cell C contracts can only be cancelled by dialing 084143. Problem is after waiting about 5 for a consultant to answer, the call cuts. I've tried multiple times. How else can one cancel a Cell C contract?
  15. N

    Mweb Cancellation timing?

    I'm considering swapping to Crystal Web for all the good I've been hearing about them. I'm currently on Mweb uncapped premium. I see after logging into my mweb account on their website, that there's a cancel button for the adsl account. So if I cancel via the web interface now.. will that mean...
  16. P

    Retentions Department

    Hi there, I wanted to know if there is any other way to cancel my Vodacom contract other than though the call centre? They are taking on average 20 minutes to put me through to someone - I've been on the phone the entire day. What's also great is that I'm getting told that their...
  17. W

    OpenWeb troubles

    Good day, I have joined this forum with one specific purpose, to share my troubles with OpenWeb company, specifically the fight to overrun their "1 calendar month" cancellation policy. I suffered neglect from this company, had to stop my bank order for this contract, and now had to apply for...
  18. S

    MTN- Keep away if you want service!

    MTN have got to be the worst bunch I have ever dealt with! I'm about to take them to ICASA over recurring subscriptions MONTHS after the cancellation of my contract... Read this, I posted it on hellopeter... >>My Complaint: I had an MTN data contract. I cancelled it at their canal walk...
  19. K

    Unofficial Pic of the day

    I know I am gonna get into alot crap for this:D:D:D, and could be ban from here, but it got me on the floor laughing. No offence to all parties involved including MyBroadBand and Mweb. Their stone age fax machine takes +-20 tries to fax through their cancellation form.:wtf::wtf::wtf:
  20. D

    Web Africa not honouring Consumer Protection Act

    hi, I tried to cancel my WebAfrica month to month contract at the beginning of September, expecting the contract to terminate at the end of September. This is the 20 working days necessary according to the Consumer Protection Act. Web Africa refuses to comply and insist that I must pay for...