Cell C launches emergency services panic button


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Feb 3, 2012
Could we get a bit more info than just the brochure handout?

A “push of a button or call” to the emergency response centre signals the need for help in the event of a medical emergency, home invasion, or car hijacking, said Cell C.
Is this an automated process, or do I need to talk to an operator? Is there any kind of indicator as to how far away the emergency service is?

“The home assist feature helps customers deal with home emergencies and also provides a list of emergency plumbers, electricians, etc.”

“The vehicle assist service assists a stranded motorist – from changing a tyre to rescuing keys from inside a locked vehicle.”
Again - is this a chat with an operator or just pictures / how-to guides on the phone?

Is this exclusive to contract customers?
When is the expected launch date?
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