Cell C network problems

Bradley Prior

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Oct 16, 2018
Cell C network problems

Many Cell C customers are complaining about problems with Internet connectivity, slow throughput, and dropped calls.

These complaints followed a voice and data network outage on Saturday 1 December which left Cell C subscribers without mobile services.
Jan 18, 2005
Yeah - my tower has been intermittent since the weekend. Monday dead till 9PM. Tuesday fine. Last night dead but this morning GPRS. Then dead.

It is a real pity because that tower and my house can see one another beautifully. Good luck getting it sorted out. Hope it doesn't take too long. Call centre must be hell right now...
Dec 4, 2007
Over an hour ago, Load shedding started, and at the same time, Cell C Network has become unusable...I think it's probably time to port to another Network...
Same here, thinking of going back to Vodacom prepaid and just sending data to the laptop sim. Loadshedding is when I need my laptop to be connected and this less than 2mbps down is unusable.


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May 4, 2012
How the heck can the network slow to a crawl at 11:30 with latency in seconds? I've also repeatedly complained about the towers with Cell C guy keep wanting my number. Calling me isn't going to solve the issues. Those towers need battery backup that can last at least 3 hours.
May 8, 2017
I've been wanting to leave Cellc for a while now.. Think I'll either do Vodacom or Telkom.. I just need to test for signal in my area.
When I use the Gautrain and get off at any of the underground stations... I have no data for about 10min! This is regardless of where I end up in those 10min.. I could be in a car driving away and the network will not resolve itself until some time has passed..! It will just be on Roaming as if I was still underground.
Tried it in different phones, same issue..

Then, for a while my calls were just going silent after a minute into the call.. Its started doing that again recently..

Nope, by next week I should be on new network