Cell C ... why do you torture me?


May 18, 2012
I’ve been with CellC for 4 months. I have never received all the services I’ve been paying for since inception. My wife, and some other people, were unable to call my number and she could only call me using WhatsApp. A few weeks ago, it went from bad to worse when I lost all data services and could not receive any calls. This lasted for 2-weeks when I posted a poem on MyBroadband and HelloPeter. CellC, who has been ignoring all my previous complaints, jumped into action and a few days later my services were restored. However, this only lasted for 3-days and now I can once again not receive calls from anyone.
Thus, my latest poem just for CellC – the worst service provider that I’ve ever encountered. (See my previous poem under the thread "Cell C service sucks rubbish".

CellC … why do you torture me?

Crappy CellC, empty CellC, pity on me,
I thought that you care … but really …
Do not take on a task when you can’t do it;
You make promises that you know is s**t;
You don’t respond when I complain, but when I write
My anguish and frustration,
My disappointment and desperation,
Your people call and squirm to protect your bad name
From the limelight.

You sorted me out … for 3 long days
You cripple my connectivity in many more ways;
I try to say what I feel without causing affront
But the words I want to use will just be too blunt.
My thoughts alone send PG-ratings through the roof
CellC, jou Ma … f*k jou met ‘n geroeste skroef.
Since you can’t give me the service for which I pay
I suggest you call Virgin Mobile
To do the job without delay.

I hereby withdraw my authorisation
To continue being screwed by your corporation.
You are hereby given notice in CAPS
To sort out your crap,
Else our contract is over for real.
Geeeeez! For how long must I do this deal?
Don’t dare take another cent from my bank
Unless you can show competency
Instead of just a blank.


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Jun 12, 2007
My first thought when seeing the thread title is why it wasn't "Why am I torturing myself". Porting exists for a reason :p