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Feb 23, 2016
Good morning all.

I have hogged this internet BLIND today and I am still not convinced of anything.

I am in Centurion. Close to the new BMW garage on the corner of Hendrik Verwoerd and John Vorster drive.

Can anyone please give me a reputable WISP brand for LOW-VERY LOW latency. If you can provide photo's, this will even be better...

I was maybe looking at Bronberg Wisp and also Level 7. We have a fibre manhole in our street but Telkom cannot give me FTTH. They can only provide me with VDSL.

It is apparently only DFA Lines. Vumatel also cannot help. Meaning this fibre line is for businesses and only the use thereof. at R5.5k for a 20Mbps Fibre line it becomes a wee bit excessive.

Any and all advice is accepted. I play A LOT of games, and my wife streams Amazon Prime, Netflix and also Showmax.

I have contacted both Level 7 and Bronberg and the issue is that Level 7 and Bronberg dont look at hello Peter.
We have Bronberg Installed at a customer and they have a 20mbps wisp. Only getting 1.1mpbs download and 6.9mbps upload. Have phoned about 15 times and the problem is still there. I then got a reply from level 7 and the sales consultant advised me that I will be getting a 25-30ms ping to local servers. (Cannot believe this as I got less with Neotel Neobroadband)

I have a friend at and he got 1ms-5ms ping in centurion on BF4. (Also Expensive)

Please help as I don't want to pay R4000 for installation and then have to change again after 2-3 months if I am not happy.

I am currently with Neotel (Liquid) and we Pay R999 per month for a 4Mbps line. (VERY Expensive for what I get.) getting definitely my 4Mbps but as of lately getting 40-50ms ping. Previously I got 15-20ms ping. I am getting out of contract with them within the next 2 months. I want to refrain from being without internet for one day as We both work from home as well.

So having the one installed while the other is being removed will be an added bonus.

Best and Kindest Regards
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May 15, 2013
So why exactly don't you want VDSL? If you expect fibre like latency on wireless, you're already out of luck.

Regarding games, if 10-15ms of latency means that much, you're probably the best player in the world, just ask your multi-million dollar org to sponsor your internet.


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May 8, 2013
Hey Mr Wilson,

We do check hellopeter, social media and various forums :)

Give me some server IP's that you game on and I can give you an idea of expected latency.


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Oct 19, 2007
I just don't see how you going to get sub 10ms with LTE, Wireless or ADSL/VDSL

I'm using A360 fibre also in Centurion not that far from you and I get 2ms to Mweb JHB Battlefield 1 server which is nice. I really doubt you will see a difference 2ms vs say 20ms. I think you should expect like 20ms to 25ms with LTE. ADSL/VDSL and Wireless should be lower than that though depending on how the wireless signal is and how well the antenna is aligned and LOS. With ADSL/VDSL IPC is usually your downfall and some ms is lost there. VDSL goes on interleaved usually so there is some ms loss there.

Checked the Openserve map and depending how far from John Foster and Hendrik you are it seems there is like a patch there that is not even considered for Openserve which is a unusual.