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    Which VPN are you using? What's the pricing?

    Hi guys I am looking to get a VPN to use for gaming, streaming region-locked stuff etc. Just wanted to know if you can suggest any. If you are using a VPN for gaming. What ping do you get for gaming? Which games do you play? Please drop your stats and advice
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    WIFI connectivity segregation | Gaming

    HI Guys, I'm having abit of an issue with internet connection speeds perhaps there's a guru out there who can pose a solution. Ok so the issue is when I'm at home my sibling is on the internet streaming and I'm playing online by them streaming this is causing lag on my side, what can I do to...
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    Choosing an ISP in Centurion

    Good morning all. I have hogged this internet BLIND today and I am still not convinced of anything. I am in Centurion. Close to the new BMW garage on the corner of Hendrik Verwoerd and John Vorster drive. Can anyone please give me a reputable WISP brand for LOW-VERY LOW latency. If you can...
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    Good gaming router

    Hi Guys my fibre is being installed and I am looking for a good gaming router that can handle heavy and do QOS everyone so far recommends the Asus RT-AC5300 but it is on the very expensive side anyone have any other recommendations or at least motivate why this is worth its price ( Cheapest I...
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    DSL for Gaming

    hey, :rolleyes: ive been doing some digging on a good and cheap DSL to play games online with, and on one of the posts made on mybroadband was webafrica's unshapped prepaid, which seems to be good. but the thing is, i dont have a dsl line as of yet:( , and i asked one of the sales persones if...