1. S

    Rental for WiFi tower?

    We are a high site for a wireless internet service provider. They have a couple of dishes on our house and give us free WiFi for my house and my office. They now want to take the dishes off the house and put up a 12m tower in an unused piece of our property. They have offered us an additional...
  2. W

    Do I need an ICASA license if I am using off the shelf 2.4gh and 5gh products to supply internet to people

    Hi I am the owner of a few low cost housing developments. I would like to know if I can build a wireless bridge to tenants using of the shelf point to point products. I will be sharing my internet connection with them and they will pay a small fee for this benefit. Do I need to register as a...
  3. N

    Tiny Tower Spotted

    This recently popped up near my house in the South Coast KZN, Anyone have any ideas as to what it could be? At first I thought it was a network cell tower but its not very tall or big so what could it be?
  4. D

    SOLIDHOPE Tech - WISP(Assumption), Fibre and LTE - Fake or Real?

    I was browsing Facebook and got this ad for wireless internet, and was like this looks like a scam. SOLIDHOPE Tech their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SolidhopeTech/?ref=py_c official website https://solidhopetech.co.za . To me their website looks done by someone just googling how to do...
  5. Dretastic06


    Hi, is any of you guys using Easyweb(Wireless connection) and more specifically in Cape Town? Mind telling me if there has been any issues your side?
  6. B

    WISP recommendations for Gordon's Bay / Strand

    I have just cancelled my Telkom LTE Uncapped contract. Gave up when it took nearly 24 hours to download a 129MB file. I am looking for recommendations to help me decide on which WISP to sign up with. I don't have access to fiber, although 3 providers have fiber running right past my house. ADSL...
  7. B

    Looking for a Telkom tower technician contact

    Hi people I am looking for a Telkom tower technician's number who can help me get access to their towers. I am looking into starting a WISP and who can help me to get to the towers.
  8. izakhearn

    Need help with internet in the waterberge

    Greetings I was wondering if anyone here can help me. I need to do internet for a camp that is taking place in the waterberge. I was wondering if you guys could give me recommendation of WISP in the area. We only need the inter net for the duration of the camp. The camp runs from the...
  9. P

    Confused About Network Setup

    Hello, I just had hx.systems install a dish for us. They installed a mikrotik router with a tenda access point. What is confusing me is that the ethernet cable from the mikrotik router/dish is plugged into the LAN 2 port of the Tenda AP. Why is this? Shouldn't it be in the WAN port? I don't...
  10. N

    Where is the Skyfi WISP Thread.

    Hey Guys, I was looking for the Skyfi WISP thread and got this message: What happened to the Skyfi thread? This is where it used to be. https://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/813706-Skyfi-WISP/page1 Thanks in advance.
  11. I

    Airband Connect reviews?

    Hi Guys I'm currently with Neotel on the Neotel wireless broadband 4mbps uncapped package (4mbps down, 1mbps up) and the service is great, I get very low latency when playing online from PS4 and my download speed is a very steady 4mbps. I'm seeing that Airband is a lot cheaper (R899 for...
  12. M

    Choosing an ISP in Centurion

    Good morning all. I have hogged this internet BLIND today and I am still not convinced of anything. I am in Centurion. Close to the new BMW garage on the corner of Hendrik Verwoerd and John Vorster drive. Can anyone please give me a reputable WISP brand for LOW-VERY LOW latency. If you can...
  13. B

    Wisp or internet Solution Northern Cape

    Hi All Do any one know of an Wisp or Internet reseller in the Northern Cape . Kakamas area So i know about Jenny that is doing this area but there internet kind of An no Option due to bad expierence with them. I got Vodacom 4G and MTN 3G but that works out to expensive. I thought...
  14. Newsfeed

    Vox calls on WISPs to partner with it

    Vox calls on WISPs to partner with it Vox has called on WISPs to partner with it to provide better connectivity options for their customers.
  15. K

    WISP Suggestions Hartbeespoort

    Hi there, Can anyone suggest a good and affordable WISP for the Hartbeepsoort area?
  16. Anthro

    Amobia Connection methods

    a Friend can see Amobia AP from inside his flat. He can connect to it, and gets an IP - so he pretty much just needs to get a PPOE username / password from them correct ? They insist he needs some form of repeater / CPE ...
  17. M

    900MHz or 2.4Ghz?

    Hey dudes and dudettes I need some help from the all knowing WUG or WISP folks. I want to create a wireless bridge between myself and my brother's apartment which is 3.5km away. He lives in a complex that has no adsl or fibre infrastructure so they all rely on 3G/4G. I want to share my...
  18. H


    Dear MyBroadband I hope you are all well. I would like to share my personal experience with Amobia as my WISP. I have been a client with them for 4 years now. In 2013 they were on the old system where they used a torching system. The torching system prioritised browsing, streaming and...
  19. W

    My Wisp want to charge me extra money to fix a fault on their side?

    So, I am not going to mention the Wisp in question for now, I just need some assistance with some legal matters. I play Ps4 online, and as far as I can gather from my Wisp is that everyone on their network works from the same IP Address, (not to sure about how that works technically) All...
  20. S

    Best WISP for Lakefield, Benoni

    Hello MyBB community, I am looking for a WISP that can service the portion of Lakefield, Benoni, that falls South of Sher Road/the Mosque. I have already contacted and had site survey's done with the following WISPS, but without any success (no LOS): •SkyFi •Nepic •Wiru •BSIT Does...