1. Rouxenator

    Amobia goes uncapped

    http://www.amobia.com/consumer_services/fixedwireless.html Being a customer of Amobia for 3 years I'm in the process of getting ADSL installed since Amobia told me (on the 18th of March) that they have no plans to offer uncapped packages. I just happened to see on their website that that...
  2. B


    Hey guys I'm considering joining Amobia in Jhb (residential use). Wondering what others have experienced by way of: actual throughput interference from thunderstorms general service I am no gamer, but want to use Skype. This was not possible with another WISP I was with before...
  3. CrzWaco

    Wisp in Kimberley

    I was wondering if there is a wisp provider in Kimberley? Google does not give me any wisp there but maybe someone on there wisp reads these forums, and could give me a link to a wisp website, thanks.
  4. C

    Best Mobile Laptop Option

    Need a laptop go anywhere solution. Shaped is ok but not prefered. Reliable > speed. Will be used for email, skype, code editing, emergency remote desktop sessions, etc. Who do you all suggest I use. MTN / voda / More? Im new here.
  5. LazyLion

    Anyone else dealt with this company? Zinia?

    http://www.ziniasp.co.za/ They are offering us a 1024 kbps connection with a 1:1 contention ratio. 5 Gb cap and R240 per Gb after that. 1024 kbps for R 1252.84 (Incl. VAT) per month. The equipment is an iLink Radio Transmitter, with a mast and a 4 hour respoinse service level...
  6. Rouxenator

    Using CPE for wifi (Realtek 8186 on Amobia)

    Hi, I recently discovered that my CPE for Amobia wireless has a Wifi SSID of RTL8186-GW and was wondering if I could use this for normal Wifi access to my phone and laptop. Currently I have a Linksys WRT54G connected to the CAT5 cable that comes from CPE but it would be sweet if I could just use...
  7. R

    Deploying a public wireless network

    Deploying a public wireless network
  8. T

    Where can one find a list of WISPs and WIFI providers?

    Any threads on MyBB about this, that list good and bad ones perhaps? Only Hellkom.co.za has a list that I know of. BTW I'm interested in JHB areas.
  9. R

    Coffee shop WiFi heats up

    Coffee shop WiFi heats up