1. V

    Do all fixed wireless WISP options require line of sight?

    I am looking at fixed wireless for an option, as Telkom is yet to install a line to my home. I am currently on the Afrihost Mobile 20+20 GB deal (40 GB anytime), but its quite expensive at R1086 (currently). My question is, do all fixed wireless installations require a line of sight to the...
  2. L

    Anyone using Snowball for fixed Wireless in CT?

    Hey all, I live in/around Cape Town. Recently moved from town to Durbanville. Snowball is coming around to do a site survey and possible installation. I'm slightly skeptical because it took quite a lot of effort for me to arrange a survey/installation to be done. If you've used Snowball...
  3. D

    Wireless Broadband In East London

    Hi there Does anyone use Wireless Broadband in East London and have and recommendations or experiences with any companies? With all the Cable being stolen and mobile data costing to much I really need internet for downloading and gaming. Thanks for the help
  4. A

    How BitCo throttle your connection?

    I am paying for 2MB connection but I am not allowed to consume my bandwidth. Some how if I consume my 2MB completely BitCo throttle my connection rest of the day.
  5. Z

    Best way to manage WISP clients?

    Hi, If I set up a WISP network with the Ubiquiti Bullet and a 12dBi omni as the access point and clients using the TP-Link WR8432ND as CPE's, how can I manage each client individually in terms of speed and data cap?
  6. Z

    ADSL resale

    Hi all, I am looking for an ISP who would allow me to resell the bandwidth I buy from them. (Trying to setup a WISP at the complex I live at). I'm looking for one ADSL line (for now) , that I can hopefully split between about 10 users. Anyone know of a company who could assist me with...
  7. O

    WIRULINK Internet Service

    Hi I have been with WIRULINK for the past 4 months and up till now i am getting very bad internet service. I have logged multiple calls and called in and still no luck. I am paying R1999 for there 10MB service and only getting test speeds of 1MB to 2MB. It seems when i call in they just log a...
  8. G

    Looking for A NEW WISP {10 Mb/s UNLIMITED unshaped UnContended}

    Does anyone have Any Suggestions? im Sick of this Contention ratio. Sometimes i cant Watch SteamCommunity Broadcasts in 1080p HD with speeds jumping up and down from 140 kB/s - 347.8 kB/s i need Solid 500 Kilobytes or More. Some Broadcasts are 720p HD which Require 437.6 Kilobytes But 1080p...
  9. H

    Best WISP for Battlefield 4

    Hi Guys, This is both a question and a shout out to people playing BF4 First the question: What WISP are you with, and how good is their network for gaming? Specifically, but not limited to Battlefield 4. I am with Wipronet, and although the connection is pricey since they don't have...
  10. D

    Good WISP in Cape Town (Durbanville)

    I am looking at a good WISP provider servicing the Durbanville area. Can anybody point out some that offer decent service at a reasonable price?
  11. H

    Sprintnet Review - Midrand Kyalami

    Hello Move from Cape Town to Midrand this year. Was shocked by the amount of estates which did not have land lines. I started my search for a WISP in November by which I organizes with Bitco. Bitco came the first week I arrived and found limited LOS even though the house next to my neighbour...
  12. A

    Struggling to build WISP

    I am trying to build a wireless network. Network in testing phase. Luckily LoC was clear between my house in Midrand to my friends house in Sandton so I tested network latency over 10Km and ping was =2 and <2. Before I go live or in production I like to know how to find out renting space on...
  13. W

    Ookla NET Index - Wireless providers prove their worth

    Hi All, http://explorer.netindex.com/maps?country=South%20Africa We would like to do some shameless self promotion and congratulate all the other WISPS on the list, with great network planning and low contentions the WISPS have shown that they can compete on level ground with fixed line...
  14. P

    WiFibre and Gaming

    hi Firstly just want to thanks their accounts/sales department for being so helpful :) is there anyone here who uses a WiFibre link and game on it ? COD Advance warfare ? Dota2 ? what is your response/ping times like ? also does it remain the same after your have reached your limit and...
  15. V

    WISP for December (in Oudtshoorn)

    I will be going to Oudtshoorn for December and will be needing internet access while I am there. Going a month without internet is not something that will bode well with me, as I use about a little more than a gig of data a day. Seeing as I will only be there a month, it will need to be a month...
  16. A

    Looking for Rent a Space on Mast/Towers in Midrand

    Hello, I am looking for a space at Mast/Towers in Midrand. If anyone have space please messege me and any suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  17. M

    Available WISP providers in Centurion

    Hi, Who knows what WISP providers are available for the Centurion Area. I stay in the Wierdapark area. I am looking for other providers besides Level-7, so I can compare services and prices.
  18. Rouxenator

    Amobia is Awesome!

    While my second time with Amobia started out a bit shaky with a rather long waiting period for the install it turns our they have really upped their game. Any time, night or day, week or weekend, I can email them with any connectivity issue I have and they will call me back. I have never had...
  19. E

    Looking for Highsites in Pretoria and Midrand

    Good Day We are a WISP looking to expand our network. If you have any Highsites in the Pretoria and Midrand areas please send me a PM. Key Areas are: Midrand South ( Commercia, Chloorkop, President Park AH, Midsteam) Centurion (Centurion Mall and Doringkloof) Pretoria (Route 21 Office...
  20. Rouxenator

    Avoid Amobia [resolved]

    Amobia WISP Having used Amobia from 2006~2010 I made the mistake of signing up with them again. They never respond to emails and after more than a week of paying R1700 for an installation and first month access fee all that I have is an invoice. They did call to say they plan to do the...