1. S

    Need a Wifi isp

    Good Day, Hope you well. So i am finding out for someone the following. Fairly Newish area!!!! Address : 11 Magnolia Ave, Mitchells Plain Just want to find out a couple of things : is there coverage in my area? what is the cost involved with getting Wireless? Do i need my own...
  2. N

    EW wisp in Cape Town

    I am scanning good signals toward Tygerberg Hill/Plattekloof in Cape Town for ssid's: EW-05 Sector tv, EW-07 Sector Good, EW-08 Sector Mill Anyone know which wisp this is or have contact details please?
  3. T

    How can i start a WISP business

    Hi, I'm Brian a start-up entrepreneur interested in starting a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) business that specializes in providing Wi-Fi connectivity to the local community and local businesses. How do i go about doing this? what do i need to do in order to get started, what sort...
  4. W

    Looking for a WISP? Contact WAPA to find one in your area

    Hi The Wireless Access Providers' Association (WAPA) represents over 200 wireless internet service providers around the country. If you are looking for a WISP, please fill out our service request form here: http://www.wapa.org.za/coverage/request/ The provider in your area will contact you...
  5. koeksGHT

    Looking for a WISP in Sandton

    Decent uncapped prices hopefully, student but uncapped is must(not torrent downloads etc) Done some googling but not much but old sites and no real user feedback Direction is Sandton city facing four ways direction is where I am and can see Sandton city clear LOS also getting back on...
  6. G

    Is Your Wireless Service Provider Legal?

    We have recently noticed that ICASA appears to be on a drive to remove illegally installed wireless equipment around the country. When purchasing services from a WISP, please be sure to ask them for a copy of their license details before signing up with them. They MUST be able to produce a...
  7. C

    How much does a license cost?

    I was wondering if anybody could tell me what the upfront cost of a WISP license and what the monthly costs are as well as what other licenses I'll require for running a WISP. Any help would be much appreciated
  8. B

    Neotel Fibre for Business - ROI Requirements?

    Neotel Fibre for Business - Unusual ROI Requirements? My business needs a reliable (very) low latency internet connection (speed is not really the issue, just latency). 1mbps upstream should do fine. Sadly there is no Fibre running past my office (DFA are about 200m away, same with City)...
  9. D

    Lifespan of all WISP's ..were screwed!

    Lifespan of all WISP's: Hi guys, have you all noticed that internet is about to be free in south africa, look at all the developments and shat I myself have development a epic! hotspot solution over the years, that can hookup up a entire small town with a wifi mesh with a bunch of epic...
  10. P

    Uncapped Wireless Ideas

    So after much research and good recommendations I got Amobia to come and do a sight test at my premises. But, unfortunately it was unsuccessful. I do not have direct line of sight to rosebank (I''m on a bank) nor to the CBD. The only big building I look out the window at is the SABC building in...
  11. G

    Want to start an ISP or partake in ours?

    This item is closed!!!!
  12. M

    Setting up a hybrid network WUG/WISP combo .... WUSP

    I own and operate a number of small businesses in the coastal town of Struisbaai / Cape Agulhas at the southern tip of Africa and it has come to my attention that there is a need for a community network, but it needs to be something more than just a WUG. I am now stuck in the idea of setting...
  13. D

    Reliable WISP in Sea Point, Cape Town

    I'm looking for a WISP in Sea Point, Cape Town that is reliable. Myself and my housemate are looking to get an uncapped connection that we intend to share. Preferably we would like to buy the equipment and pay monthly without any contracts. Does anybody have any recommendations?
  14. H

    Wireless noise on 2.4 in Pretoria East

    Since 18/01/2012 we have had trouble with all our clients on the 2.4ghz frequency in the PTA East area, all the way from Bapsfontein to Moreletta. Is anyone else experiencing trouble, or have an idea who is making all the noise?
  15. M

    Please, I need a completer WiMax Design, and deployments infrastructure with 3G

    Please, I need a completer WiMax Design, and deployments infrastructure with 3G. I'm in Cameroon and I have been asked to build up a project of a WISP using wimax and 3G technology. Check on the cost, every component for setting up the ISP from Base station components, Backhaul, billing, Qos...
  16. jes

    Aerosat and Amobia merge

    Aerosat and Amobia merge Well known wireless service providers Aerosat and Amobia Communications merge
  17. R

    Recommendation for wisp in stoneridge centurion area

    can any1 recommend the best wisp provider to go with in this area?
  18. C

    DSE Rescue (WISP Boksburg/Benoni area)

    (kind of continued from here...) This is an ISP situated in Beyerspark (Boksburg), they provide most forms of internet access, but this thread will look at their WiFi Internet option. I'll be posting info and findings as I test the service (before I possibly buy in). Let's start with the...
  19. signates

    Uncapped WISP Providers

    Sticky request. With the growing uptake of WISPS and the lack of a comprehensive comparative table, I would like to request a list of all WISP and their various UNCAPPED rates. WISP Coverage 384kbps 512kbps 1024kbps 2048kbps 3072kbps 4096kbps...
  20. D

    Bonded ADSL vs. Lease Line

    HI Anyone I'm starting up a WISP and whant to know what is the best way to connect to the internet, bonded ADSl or Lease line? I know ration diff. between the 2 and the price diff but what is the best if i gat +/- 70 clients a 12mb bonded ADSL or a 1mb 1:2 lease line and what min. speed can...