.co.za Domain Name Server not allowed!

Apr 14, 2012
r DNS Problem

Q: Why is it that GridHost will not point my domain to ns1.mydomain.com but UniForum Will?

I have a resellers account in the U.S. (cheaper option)

I purchased [example-1.co.za] domain name from GridHost, where I was given the impression that I would have full control over my NS pointers. To my dismay, GridHost will not allow me to point to ns1.mydomain.com. I am told that the reverse DNS on my server is not setup correctly. GridHost says that their domain Registrar will not allow this DNS configuration because the forward and reverse DNS don't gel. GridHost maintains that these rules are not their own but the rules of the registrar. Therefore they cannot comply with my request.

My Host provider at ns1.mydomain.com says that they do not need to get their rDNS in order. In my opinion why should they, when 8 million other domains don't require this.

So I registered a different [example-2.co.za] domain with UniForum and pointed that domain to ns1.mydomain.com. It worked just fine!

So now I'm wondering... Is there more than one domain registrar for .co.za? When I contacted UniForum to update the GridHost domain [example-1.co.za] for me I was told that UniForum does not administrate that domain and I must speak to GridHost.

Here I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I bought [example-1.co.za] for a client but he can’t use it. I can't point it. It's as if GridHost is trying to force me to use their hosting. Why should I? I pay good money to my current hosting provider.

Q: Who dictates that a NS pointer must be reversible?
Q: Who is the highest Authority regarding .co.za registrations?
Q: Is this a battle I am fighting alone?
Q: Why does UniForum allow this pointer but GridHost does not?
Q: Do I have the right to complain about this; or may each domain reseller make their own rules?
Q: Perhaps I must ask GridHost to transfer registration to UniForum?

Comment or Sympathies welcome!


Karmic Sangoma
Jan 17, 2005
In the past, Uniforum require rDNS to register a domain. Does not seem to be the case any more. Looks like Gridhost are stuck in the past. With the new EPP system you dont even need valid nameservers to register a domain!


Executive Member
Feb 10, 2006
Never had that problem but I have had odd requirements from various non co.za domain registrars before. Everything in co.za is administered by UniForum.
Imo gridhost are full of it. If you do a whois on http://co.za/ and your domain is still registered on the pre EPP system then you should be able to just submit an update request to them yourself and as long as gridhost doesn't deny it then it will go through.


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Sep 27, 2004
Not sure if this is relevant.

I mainly use Godaddy as my .com/net registrar. There is a "host summary" option. These are basically 'fixed' A records pointing to name servers. They will still be available even when the name servers for the domain goes down.

Uniforum has/had something similar where they were automatically created when the domain was created.
In the past I had major headaches when I changed the IP in the A zone records but the queries were served by the (old) glue records - a mismatch.

This is as I understand it anyway.

The Web Space Bar

The Web Space Bar rep
Company Rep
Jun 14, 2012
If it really is a problem transfer the domain out

I agree 100% , it looks more like gridhost want to make sure that they have your domain in their control.
Im of the opinion that seeing your paying for the domain , it should be up to you where the DNS entries are at.
Ive seen so many hosts who not only insist on having your domain point to their own name servers,
they insist on being the only contacts for any domain transfers , which means they can hold your domain hostage for unpaid fees.


New Member
Jan 22, 2011
Just transfer away from GridHost and work directly with Uniforum, you know how to since you registered example-2.co.za directly with them, plus its cheaper.