1. T

    Do any ISP's still provide capped data accounts without line rental?

    So I'm currently on an Openserve 40Mbit fibre line. In the past I used to have a backup 100GB Afrihost data account for the rare occurrence that Openserve shat the bed. Lately I'm been having issues with Openserve. At least once a week their DNS servers (I'm assuming) go to absolute ****, and...
  2. Mjc65


    Hi everyone, I'm currently with Axxess and I recently started playing around with some DNS servers (OpenDNS, Cloudlare, Quad9 etc) but for some reasons the connection tends to drop at random times for a few seconds. Has anyone else experienced this issue before?
  3. A

    Recommendations for domain registration / DNS only

    I have a few domains (all .com or .co.za) where we're using Gmail as the email provider, website hosted elsewhere (mostly Xneelo), various apps running on a variety of subdomains and also hosted elsewhere (mostly SiliconSky, Azure, AWS) and domain registration / DNS done by SADomain. I prefer...
  4. Savy561

    Is better to use a custom DNS over the default ISP DND?

    I have never really felt the need to change my default ISP dns settings but lately whenever i see a conversation about dns, it's always better to use a custom dns such as cloudfare's or or even Google's So my question is, is there any real world benefit in changing all...
  5. Anthro

    Local ADGuard + HTTPS / TLS DNS Server

    Hello forumites. Recently started experimenting with DNS over HTTPS and TLS I would love your feedback on my implementation. As of Android 9 users are able to select Private DNS to secure their queries via HTTPS / TLS. I have implemented my own server as a test of performance of the following...
  6. J

    DNS Flag Day - Telkom website does not support latest security features

    DNS Flag Day - Telkom website does not support latest security features A coalition of Internet companies recently announced they will stop supporting workarounds to accommodate a Domain Name System (DNS) operators who do not comply with the latest standards. DNS is the system that translates...
  7. G

    Hulu via Unotelly in SA not working any more, alternatives?

    Hi, I used to watch Hulu via Unotelly using their DNS intercept service, but this stopped working a few weeks ago. Their support has not been helpful. Can anyone suggest an alternative? I prefer DNS, but will go VPN if I have to. Is there a VPN service I can get working on my Raspberry Pi? I...
  8. J

    How the DNS key change will affect South Africans

    How the DNS key change will affect South Africans The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) recently approved plans to change the cryptographic key which protects the Domain Name System (DNS). This will be the first time the key signing key (KSK) for the DNS will be...
  9. J

    The DNS services with the best latency

    The DNS services with the best latency DNS services are crucial to Internet browsing, but many users are unaware that they could potentially improve their online experience by tweaking a few DNS settings. The DNS (Domain Name System) is essentially the phonebook of the Internet and is used to...
  10. P

    US Netflix

    Is this worth a try or are there better DNS options? https://vipdnsclub.com/ Dont want to sign oin and i get screwed. Netflix SA getting boring.
  11. J

    Server 2016 Domain DNS Slow

    Hi. I trust you are well? Here's my problem. I have set up a Server 2016 Standard domain with only my generalized IT experience and no qualifications. So far I can pat myself on the back for doing a very good job as everything is functioning well except for one thing, so far. I...
  12. N

    Hetzner DNS for Huawei B315

    Hello Mybroadband i want to use Hetzner DNS on my Huawei B315. What is the IP Address??
  13. Anthro

    Ad Blocking DNS Server Test

    Hi guys, installed PiHole on a South African VPS.. blocking about 2.6mil advert domains. Use this as your DNS to stress test it for me if you can ! [REMOVED]
  14. R

    My own Netflix DNS proxy- Need 10 testers

    Hello, This is my first post here I created my own Netflix DNS proxy and I need 10 testers Only SNI devices are supported Available sites: Netflix Hulu HBO Amazon Prime US Amazon Prime UK Crackle Spotify.com Pandora Vudu Blinkbox ABC Fox NBC ESPN PBS CWTV Spike Mtv...
  15. Olddude

    Telkom Fibre / ISP - DNS problems

    I have and had problems with Fibre - Openserve + Telkom as ISP at both my houses (just moved last month and Telkom/Openserve installed Fibre) in Pretoria. Both houses are within 5km With both installations I get (got) continual messages "This site can’t be reached - www.XXXX.yyy Server DNS...
  16. J

    setting dns on router for roku but still not working

    I have a roku stick from the US and followed many guides on the internet to setup a smart DNS proxy to allow us to watch US channels like Disney and my Amazon Prime. It works on my pc where I can manually change the DNS settings but it does not on the roku. It still detects I am locally in SA...
  17. M

    DNS of Telkomsa.net contact (Trouble with emails from Google )

    Hi there, ANybody around here knows how to get in touch with a Telkomsa.net DNS administrator? (and not via @telkomsa.net email addresses :D ) Reason, there have been, since last week, a situation where most of the times telkomsa.net's MX records doesn't resolve via Google's DNS (at...
  18. I

    Changing LAN and DHCP settings on TG589vn v3 router

    Please help.... I am really struggling to change the DHCP settings on MWEB's FON (TG589vn v3) router. I'm installing it as a second wired router so need to point the gateway, dhcp, dns etc to my primary router. I've successfully flashed the generic firmware (as per a previous thread). Any...
  19. S

    Set up Afrihost DNS to map to Azure

    I am trying use my domain that is hosted on afrihost and set up the DNS so people access my azure website. I am looking through some examples but they mention DNS's that I don't see in Afrihost and I don't want to take a chance editing DNS records and messing it. Can anyone offer some...
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    New South African DNS service makes it easy to filter web content

    New South African DNS service makes it easy to filter web content P8DNS gives you the ability to block access to inappropriate websites, with default protection against phishing and malware sites.