1. S

    Set up Afrihost DNS to map to Azure

    I am trying use my domain that is hosted on afrihost and set up the DNS so people access my azure website. I am looking through some examples but they mention DNS's that I don't see in Afrihost and I don't want to take a chance editing DNS records and messing it. Can anyone offer some...
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    New South African DNS service makes it easy to filter web content

    New South African DNS service makes it easy to filter web content P8DNS gives you the ability to block access to inappropriate websites, with default protection against phishing and malware sites.
  3. D

    UnoTelly Dynamo Region Switch Problem

    Hi Guys, I would appreciate some help in getting the Filmefy/UnoTelly region switching sorted. I have changed my network DNS settings on my AppleTV, iPhone and my ADSL router network DNS setting to that of a US Unotelly global server. Netflix US and AppleTV US are both running like a...
  4. S

    Override DNS on Mobile device

    Anyone know if there is a way to override the Primary / Secondary DNS settings on mobile device, whether on "firmware" level or O/S level. Any ideas welcome.
  5. H

    DNS Related problems ?

    Hi all, Is anybody having problems connecting to Google.com or .co.za, gmail even facebook using MTN (MTN Online) with the following DNS IPs and ? Pinging works Pinging google.co.za does not work --> Invalid source route specified Pinging works...
  6. B

    Quick question: CloudFlare when hosting on multiple servers

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if someone might be able to help me. I need to use CloudFlare on a website that I'm hosting, I've done this successfully when the website, mail, etc is all on the same server but not when they are hosted on two different servers. Here's the configuration...
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Massive DNS bug allows easy DoS attack

    Massive DNS bug allows easy DoS attack Even after releasing a patch for a serious vulnerability in the Bind DNS server, websites have been attacked and taken offline.
  8. F

    Smart Village blocking DNS services (Unotelly, etc)!

    So, I was greeted to this "friendly" email this morning: I've been using their services for nigh on a year now and I've been extremely happy with the product and their service - contrary to many people's opinions. I noticed last night that I couldn't access Netflix or Hulu anymore and my...
  9. J

    DNS Resolution on Telkom ADSL Accounts

    Hi Guys, I have been through all the threads and I am pretty sure this is not a duplicate. Let me know if it is... Ok, so I have recently taken over a Telkom ISP account for my ADSL line at home. During the day, I require (non-bandwidth intensive) access to my servers from my office. I...
  10. S

    DynDNS on Telkom Netgear router not working - sends local IP instead of public IP

    I have a Telkom-branded Netgear DGN2200m, and have successfully used DynDNS on it before. However, sometime in the last few months (not sure when), it stopped working. I have a paid for DynDNS account, and 2 of my other ADSL routers (both Netgear DG834) on the same account (with different...
  11. A

    Blacklisting of DNS on local DNS servers

    Let me start by saying I am not a DNS guru but I have been working with DNS for a long enough time to "think" I have a handle on this. The issue strated when I visited the IETF website at https://www.ietf.org. I got a certificate error and this made me suspicious. So I ran nslookup on...
  12. C

    Changing DNS on Huawei B593-601

    Hi , I'm trying to change my DNS settings on my Huawei B593-601 LTE router but cannot seem to see where to change it. Have googled stukkend but nix. Want the Netflix app on my Roku 3 and need to mask via Unotelly as there are no DNS changes possible on the Roku device itself...
  13. S

    DSL-2750U router - Programming block and allow firewall rules

    Hi Not very good with firewall rules, looks like the 2750U router allows block rules, but cannot see where it has allow rules. Basically want to force all DNS requests coming through the router to OpenDNS, regardless of what DNS server the client PC chooses. OpenDNS says on their website to...
  14. C

    GoDaddy DNS Down

    I have a few clients that I am hosting DNS with GoDaddy from co.za to .com Domains and all are down. Spoke to support and they have not yet release a press statement but they down and working on it. Anyone else having the same problem?
  15. D

    Authentication problem in DNS Registration

    Hi, I'm a networking noob and need some help troubleshooting a DNS registration problem from Windows Server 2003 (Hosted Web Server). I think the problem started after deleting a Windows user account for a ex-administrator, or changed password for the local Administrator account. I have the...
  16. C

    DNS troubles with Kawuleza Connect

    Hi guys, I launch SA's first Dark Store website tomorrow, Sunday but have this annoying DNS issue which effectively blocks me from accessing the site, backend and front. I have run tracert and don't even get to the first hop. In the past, the tracert has failed when it gets to Kawuleza's...
  17. C

    Server 2012 default gateway setup

    Yesterday I installed Server 2012 with GUI and I am struggling with the default gateway setup. On the client computers the primary dns is pointed to the server ip, but the client machines don't get internet unless the secondary dns is set to the router upon which the default gateway is setup...
  18. P

    Custom DNS on Router

    Hi There, I have Billion BiPac 7300nx Router, that is connected to my iBurst 2mb Modem. I am trying to make use of the "Norton™ ConnectSafe" dns facilities, which means i can simply enter the ConnectSafe dns servers on my router, and familly safety would apply. i am struggling like crazy...
  19. wrathdelivery

    Telkom DNS server timeouts

    I'm on 8ta 3G in Cape Town and over the last few weeks access to the default name servers has become progressively worse to the point where I now am using Google's public DNS servers instead. Queries just time out most of the time to Telkom's name servers. At the time of posting they are...
  20. LinuxMan

    OpenDNS for web filtering?

    Hello Guys.. Does anyone know how effective OpenDNS is for website filtering? Or if you have used the service before, share your review.. OpenDNS website What I can see it is fairly simple to setup an account and use their DNS Servers in your router.. But does this effect your...