Digital TV will be as useless as local loop unbundling


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Jan 31, 2005
Drove past Dunoon on the N7 the other day. Pretty much every structure has a satellite dish, some have five or six. Don't recall seeing a single old style aerial.

Just checked street-view whose images are from 2015, and while there are a few satellite dishes visible, now it is a veritable pumpkin patch of dishes. Might be down to recent 1 million OpenViewHD push.

People tired of waiting, so ja, the ANC government pretty much killed DTT much like they broke LLU, not to mention the rest of the 'parastatals'. It isn't worth pursuing and should just be canned, the only people who have befitted are the ANC elite and their cronies.

Sad really, the DTT market is still pretty vibrant in the UK:

If I recall correctly the majority of dishes were branded ElSat.
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