Dis-Chem WhatsApp chatbot launched


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May 24, 2010
Dis-Chem launches WhatsApp platform

Dis-Chem has selected Clickatell as the provider for its WhatsApp chat commerce platform, the companies announced on Thursday.

“Dis-Chem customers can now quickly and easily access various services through WhatsApp by sending ‘Hi’ to 0860 347 243,” Clickatell stated.
Dischem...one of those stores I almost always have a good experience at. Staff are friendly, they're always stocked up.
Registering for Dis-Chem’s Baby Programme
Ominous ambiguity there, in particular what sort of participation is required after registration (deposits or interactive and what about derisking STDs) and how frequent?
Me: Hi DIschem Bot does this look infected to you ( Attached a picture)
BOT: Error 404 I have never seen anything like that how are you still alive