DSTV on Laptop


New Member
May 20, 2018
Subscribers to DSTV Premium are allowed to view on 5 devices - so if I am travelling, have WiFi and use my laptop I can watch anything on DSTV. So, I set-up my laptop and it works just fine - can view, search, listen - everything. But on a second laptop, no sound??? Login is fine, can watch any program - but just cannot hear anything. Soooo, I checked with stored music on the "problem" laptop and bingo the laptop produces sound AND I can connect to a TV with HDMI, but just not HEAR anything. The other laptop connects fine to the TV and we can hear everything. So it is just one laptop that does not play sound from DSTV and yet I can hear videos from FB or music in that laptop's library, or a CD inserted into CD slot?? Any ideas?