1. S

    10 inch Alpine Subwoofer in spec built box + Targa Nano amplifier

    Item name : 10 inch Alpine E Series Subwoofer in spec built box for polo hatch + Targa Nano amplifier Age and condition: +_ 3 Years Do you include packaging: No (its already in an enclosure Warranty: No Reason for selling: Sound was installed in a previous vehicle, (polo), Been using SUVs ever...
  2. I

    Directional Speakers

    Hi all I own a wedding venue (10m x 20m hall) surrounded by some residential homes. I have rules regarding volume of the music, but sometimes the event guest DJ forgets and pumps up the volume quite high where neighbors complain. A friend mentioned I should get 'directional' speakers which are...
  3. BBC

    Sound bar recommendations

    As per the title I'm in the market for a sound bar and need some advice Budget is around 6K Really want something that is 5.1 but might have to settle for 2.1 or 3.1 if need be This is the only Dolby Atmos 1 that I've found in the price range, albeit no sub - Link Other options that I've...
  4. M

    Movie sound not working correctly

    Hi all, I have a Turando 5.1 sound system connected to my PC, with a Realtek ALC883 on-board sound chip via 3 x 3.5mm jacks into respectively, green for front, black for sub-woofer/centre speaker and pink/brown for rear speakers. My TV is connected to the line-in also via 3.5MM jack. When watch...
  5. E

    Telkom LIT box stopped playing sound

    I hope this is in the correct thread? Anyway as of this morning my Telkom LIT box refuses to play any sound. I've tried unplugging. And having a toggle of the sound settings. I've just done a factory reset and still - no luck. Any ideas?
  6. mercurial

    Sonic and ultrasonic attacks damage hard drives and crash OSes

    Sonic and ultrasonic attacks damage hard drives and crash OSes
  7. B

    DSTV on Laptop

    Subscribers to DSTV Premium are allowed to view on 5 devices - so if I am travelling, have WiFi and use my laptop I can watch anything on DSTV. So, I set-up my laptop and it works just fine - can view, search, listen - everything. But on a second laptop, no sound??? Login is fine, can watch any...
  8. D

    Mercedes CLK500 No Sound from Radio

    Good Day Everyone, While driving home from work yesterday, my car's sound just died. Head unit and cd changer still powers on and works however there is no sound at all. I have already checked the fuses in the engine bay, in the dash as well as in the boot. I am dreading that it might...
  9. B

    Audio Switch Recommendations?

    Hi all! I'm looking for an audio switch box. I can find lots of them with multiple inputs and a single output. What I need is one with a single input and multiple outputs. I've not had any luck finding such a thing locally. Only expensive, imported ones online. Audio is being...
  10. mercurial

    Hackers Can Now Use Sound Waves to Take Control of Your Smartphone

    Full article
  11. M

    2007 ford fiesta sound system advice

    i have a standard 6000 ford radio with 5x7 in the front door and back . i am going to buy this AUX and i have two sony xplod 6x9 380watt and a 350 watt mono block amp to power my 1000...
  12. F

    Looking for the Best Surround Sound System

    I'm wondering what's the Best System for a decent price , I'm a gamer but also sometimes Max the volume to listen to music, I'd say i have a budget of 3K-5K...less would be welcome I also want the system to have Optical Inputs for my console to play good high quality sound, If possible plz link...
  13. S

    Engine noise off 6x9's

    I have installed a new amplifier for my 6x9s and 12" sub. I am using the wiring I had on my older amplifier which I now replaced. Whenever I start my car and play music, I get engine sound from my 6x9's! anybody experience this? any advise? Thank you
  14. mercurial

    Amazing sound and water experiment Source
  15. S

    Best sounding exhaust note

    Howzit all, So last night after a few beers an argument erupted with my fellow car lovers, which car emits the best sounding exhaust note. 1. engines under 2L 2. engines under 3L 3. engines under 4L 4. engines under 5L 5. engines over 5L :)
  16. NomNom

    Defective Hard Drive Sounds

    Very informative site about the different sounds a hard drive can make and when to know if you need to backup your data immediately or when the hard drive has failed.
  17. B

    Review - Cape Town Car Sound installer

    Howzit. I got a recommendation from this forum for a cape town car audio installation. I got a couple of quotes and ended up going to Shafick (Shafiek?) at Car Hifi Centre. Paying a tiny bit...
  18. B

    The Sweet Sound of Corsair Vengeance

    Corsair - Vengeance Satisfy your Need for Quality Sound Follow the link to view our range of Headphones: More Headphones Behemoth Technology For further information regarding Headphones's or any other products from B-Technology please don't hesitate to drop us an email at...
  19. J

    Upgrading standard factory fitted sound in a Golf 5

    Hi Guys I am a total noob when it comes to car sound, been trying to research all the different equipment one can put in but im really getting nowhere as there is so much on the market i dont know what would best suit my needs. So i hope you guys can possibly assist. Basically, i just want...
  20. mercurial

    2.1 sound system for TV

    So it looks like my 2.1 Microlab system just gave in. Got home earlier and it started making a loud, humming sound. It was working fine last night. I honestly don't know what could have caused it to fail. Perhaps some rain came through the window and went into it? Anyway, so I need a replacement...