Fibrestream a predatory ISP BEWARE


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Nov 18, 2020
Fibrestream is an owner run ISP that relies on predatory billing operations to make money. It makes a debit order mandatory, promises the earth, then fails to deliver. But you are caught in their web. When you try to leave they will tie you up in red tape small type about cancelling through legal letters etc (not required under law) Then they will debit and debit in total contravention of credit and PASA regulations, all the while adding on cost after cost. Our bank cannot stop these debits as they use a different ref no each time thereby circumventing the systems. They threaten then bully and then ignore any attempts at resolution - all the while standard sending process letters to get you listed as a defaulter. We are taking them on - apparently so are many others and we will link up to try a larger case with other dissatisfied ex-customers. I will keep the process posted here. Please anyone else involved in disputes with Fibrestream let me know?

Note in December 2018 Fibrestream debited our account with an additional 15% increase in fees. This increase had not been publicised anywhere to their clients - it came out of the blue. Our order bounced as we had sufficient for the agreed fee not the unknown increased fee. We were then disconnected by them and only able to be reconnected when we paid the new fee plus a reconnection fee despite this not being our fault in any way. Wesley Swarts the owner manager then proceeded to become aggressive with us and we then gave him notice of no longer utilising their service. They refuse to acknowledge my email correspondence (despite using it with me over a year and a half) and will only recognise a registered letter sort of thing. This is of course unlawful tactics resulting in an abuse of the debit order system and in contravention of their own contract.

Please do not get sucked into this trap. Its a pity a local area business behaves like this but there are movements to get fibre stream investigated.
Hi there im In the same boat with this fibrestream they not giving me the service I signed up for my line is down now for 7 days any help as to what you guys have done