FNB Double Data bundles vs Vodacom and MTN


New Member
Jul 6, 2017
I am currently using FNB for my cell. I dont have any contracts at all, so using them as a prepaid option is perfect for me.
I.E. this is my expenses on FNB, Every month i have to pay R99 that gives me 2gb data, then when i want to make calls , I buy voice bundles all billed per second ( 30min - R28, 50min - R46, 100min R90 ect...) then if a person wanted to SMS bundles are 50sms for R20, and you still get ebuck on all that!
So anyone with FNB and need a prepaid works out perfect , then if you really need you can get a smart device and pay over 24 months

P.S. i dont work for FNB even though it sounds like i do, ha ha