1. T

    Paying from FNB Global Account

    Hi there, Does anyone know what the charges are if I send money from my AUD Global account to an Australian Commbank account? *Edit: 0.55% Commission fee (Min R160, Max R650) with an extra R115 admin fee.
  2. Jamie McKane

    FNB launches in-app shopping

    FNB launches in-app shopping FNB has launched new functionality in its mobile banking app which allows users to shop from within the banking application. Clients can now browse the eBucks Shop from the banking app - which FNB said is a first in South Africa.
  3. J

    FNB otp pin problems

    Just trying to buy something from Fanatical.com using my VISA card, received the otp pin, and entered exactly as it is, order then get cancelled because of the invalid payments, tried it for almost 5 times, still didn't go through, this bank is making my mad! Anyone with a similar problem?
  4. NeonNinja

    "Reputable" FNB ad on the radio.

    So there's this ad I just listened to on 702, this lady uses the word "reputable", nothing wrong with that. But the way she pronounces it, she says "Repuuutable" instead or "Reputable" (succinct). //rant over.
  5. Jamie McKane

    FNB launches support for Samsung Pay

    FNB launches support for Samsung Pay FNB has launched support for the Samsung Pay app, allowing clients with compatible devices to make contactless payments at terminals across the country. Users with a compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphone can now scan their FNB Cheque or Credit Card to add it...
  6. Jamie McKane

    Watch out for Procall debit order fraud

    Watch out for Procall debit order fraud FNB has seen unusually high volumes of unauthorised debit orders to Procall and Mzansi, said the bank. The bank detected that many of its customers were disputing Procall and Mzansi debit orders via the FNB app and online banking portal.
  7. Jamie McKane

    FNB launches new Easy Smart Option bank account

    FNB launches new Easy Smart Option bank account FNB has launched its new Easy Smart Option bank account for lower-income consumers. The account offers combined legal, medical, and financial advice to customers who earn between R1,000 and R7,000 per month.
  8. C

    FNB App: Constantly accessing GPS

    As per the title , the FNB app constantly accesses my location and GPS more worryingly. I can't delete the app because I use it occassionally, especially in urgent situations it is useful and the app doesn't work if I block it from accessing location. If anyone knows where would be the best...
  9. Jamie McKane

    Standard Bank, Absa, and FNB on "slow and expensive" bank transfers

    Standard Bank, Absa, and FNB on "slow and expensive" bank transfers Responding to a tweet regarding the Faster Payments Service in the United Kingdom, former FNB CEO Michael Jordaan stated that South African interbank transfers should be free and instant. He added that Bank Zero, of which he...
  10. A

    FNB vs Discover credit card

    With all the changes with ebucks etc. causing the earn to decrease I have started considering moving my credit card (which I use as a debit card for daily expenses) over to Discovery and rather use miles. I know there will be an additional cost to the discovery one... Has anyone done any sort...
  11. Jamie McKane

    FNB and fintech startup partner to connect informal traders

    FNB and fintech startup partner to connect informal traders FirstRand Ltd.’s First National Bank and a startup financial-technology company in South Africa are partnering to connect informal traders in townships with fast-moving consumer-goods companies. FNB is seeking to tap into a market...
  12. S

    Should I get a credit card?

    Sorry if this seems like a weird question, but I really don't know if I should get one. When I started university 4 years ago, I had a student account (FNB). I got my first job earlier this year (May), and switched to a cheque account. So far I have only been using my debit card for everything...
  13. K

    FNB Fusion

    So I walk into FNB to change my email address, and the consultant immediately asked me if I would like to convert to Fusion it's a better account and whot not. In the end I converted. However, he said when I receive my salary I should move it out completely out of the fusion account - and within...
  14. simmakombe

    Samsung Pay - FNB

    FNB app is generally good but can't compete with Samsung Pay. I want to get rid of my bulky wallet and have all my cards on Samsung Pay, @FNB please join @SAMSUNG Pay!
  15. B

    FNB Credit Card Delivery

    Good day I would like to find out how long it normally takes for FNB to deliver your card to a selected branch? I applied for the card this weekend and I am hoping that I will receive it by Friday, what are my chances? Kind Regards
  16. ECHLN

    Samsung Pay Experience in South Africa

    I thought it would be helpful to describe my experience with Samsung Pay so far. This might be helpful to those who are thinking of giving it a try or need clarity on some things. Also feel free to comment with your experiences and tips. First things first, my bank is FNB so I got a Absa...
  17. SPERUJ

    FNBConnect data issue

    I buy the 2GB monthly data bundle (@ R179) ,I am online Only at night for anything from 3-6 hours [I never watch videos, I do only Google searches, website searches ,visit/read fbk & twitter timelines (now&then) ,write posts wherever (not daily) ], So this data bundle should last the whole 30...
  18. K

    FNB Banking App password entry

    So the last update to the FNB banking app removed the capability of pasting the login password. After a few attempts and wondering what the heck I was doing wrong, I read the app reviews on Play and found the reason, seeing many comments by other users who made the same frustrating discovery...
  19. P

    Porting Vodacom number to FNB Connect

    Hey guys, I am looking to end my contract with Vodacom as I am still happy with my current phone and would like to move to a contract that just gives me data and minutes. When comparing Vodacom and FNB there is no denying that FNB has much better value for money. My question is, would...
  20. M

    eBucks Wanted

    Looking to buy 30368 eB