1. simmakombe

    Samsung Pay - FNB

    FNB app is generally good but can't compete with Samsung Pay. I want to get rid of my bulky wallet and have all my cards on Samsung Pay, @FNB please join @SAMSUNG Pay!
  2. B

    FNB Credit Card Delivery

    Good day I would like to find out how long it normally takes for FNB to deliver your card to a selected branch? I applied for the card this weekend and I am hoping that I will receive it by Friday, what are my chances? Kind Regards

    FNBConnect data issue

    I buy the 2GB monthly data bundle (@ R179) ,I am online Only at night for anything from 3-6 hours [I never watch videos, I do only Google searches, website searches ,visit/read fbk & twitter timelines (now&then) ,write posts wherever (not daily) ], So this data bundle should last the whole 30...
  4. K

    FNB Banking App password entry

    So the last update to the FNB banking app removed the capability of pasting the login password. After a few attempts and wondering what the heck I was doing wrong, I read the app reviews on Play and found the reason, seeing many comments by other users who made the same frustrating discovery...
  5. P

    Porting Vodacom number to FNB Connect

    Hey guys, I am looking to end my contract with Vodacom as I am still happy with my current phone and would like to move to a contract that just gives me data and minutes. When comparing Vodacom and FNB there is no denying that FNB has much better value for money. My question is, would...
  6. M

    eBucks Wanted

    Looking to buy 30368 eB
  7. K

    FNB eBucks

    Hi all! How much do you get back on eBucks since the "new rules" have been applied from 1 July 2018? I am currently with Nedbank and get back around R150 on my Greenbacks but seeing all these cashback offers on fuel, Checkers, etc. makes me want to consider moving to FNB. What do you think?
  8. Jamie McKane

    Digital banking makes physical branches better - FNB CEO

    Digital banking makes physical branches better - FNB CEO The increasing number of banking customers who use mobile applications and Internet banking leads to a better experience at physical bank branches, according to FNB CEO Jacques Celliers. Celliers said FNB's strategy to move customers...
  9. T

    FNB Credit Card Agreement

    Hi there, Does anyone know how I can get a copy of my credit card agreement from FNB online? Or somewhere online to check what my current interest rate is?
  10. Jamie McKane

    FNB unveils eWallet eXtra mobile bank account

    FNB unveils eWallet eXtra mobile bank account FNB has launched a new mobile bank account named eWallet eXtra which is compatible with both feature phones and smartphones.
  11. S

    FNB Airtime Voice SMS Data charges

    I am a new Forum and FNB Cell user, trying to figure out what airtime charges is incurred if you have voice minutes and data bundles etc available. Where does the charges for airtime come from, and how is it charged? When you TOP UP - you can top up the 4 elements: Airtime; Voice; SMS; Data...
  12. S

    FNB B.O.P code advice

    Hi! I need some advice from anyone who uses FNB, Paypal, or any freelancer who earns online :o Which B.O.P code would you all suggest for someone who earns a small income from writing, editing, or sometimes art? I don't want to abuse the Gift option or risk using an inappropriate code that...
  13. B

    FNB (dis) Connect Slow data speed

    ##Resolved## FNB Connect Slow data speed I just got my FNB Connect SIM and I have almost non existing data speed. I tested it in different locations, but no luck. According to speedtest.net its as low as 0,01Mbps!!! See below> (on Vodacom I get more than 40Mbps)...
  14. Bond

    FNB web unable to verify login

    So I'm battling for months with this now, and I just end up using the app. I login using a browser then it tells me to go onto the app to verity login details, I immediately go into, but once there, there are no prompts whatsoever. Any ideas?
  15. E

    bank clearing FNB to Absa

    Hi guys, my salary was paid from fnb to my absa account yesterday (friday) Anyone know when it will reflect? Other fnb colleague got their sms notification last night around 8pm..
  16. K

    Paypal transfer/withdrawal fee to FNB acc

    Good morning, I've done freelance work for a few years for an overseas company and they have paid me via forex which has worked out well until now. However, last month the charges on the amount were over R350 which is about R200 more than it's been before. I decided to open a paypal...
  17. M

    Paypal accepting dollars in SA

    Hi everyone, This is my first post. I would like to start an e-commerce shop that charges dollars. My payment gateway will be paypal. I understand that I have to withdraw my funds from the paypal account every 30 days, however I bank with FNB, which has co-operated with paypal recently...
  18. Jamie McKane

    FNB launches 50GB and 100GB Mega Data bundles

    FNB launches 50GB and 100GB Mega Data bundles FNB has launched its new 50GB and 100GB Mega Data bundles, which are available from 1 December 2017.
  19. J

    FNB credit card travel insurance - sponsored ticket

    Can anybody please assist? I am travelling overseas in the next few months. My ticket was sponsored, therefor no payments with my credit card. Will I be able to qualify for FNB credit card travel insurance? Thank you
  20. L

    Afrihost Mobile Data Deletes Rapidly

    For the past 2 years I have been buying MTN 1GB data bundles via my FNB app @ R160 & it lasts me an entire month. Last month I came across the Afrihost Mobile Two package of 2GB @ R99 & signed up because it was obviously better than my FNB pricing. I got a pro rata portion which I was ok...