High latency on 4G


May 25, 2014
Hi, Im having high latency with a new MTN 4G setup, so i got a shiney new Huawei B612 and data contract with SuperSonic and like any nerd i immediately did a speed test, i get about 65ms / 18Mbps/ 13Mbps, I thought it was wierd because I usually get around 15ms ping in Cape Town on a good 4G connection and so i popped in my old telkom sim and got 12ms/11Mbps/3Mbps, then i noticed when ever i do a speed test its choosing my nearest server in JHB(im in CPT), does this mean all my traffic is going to JHB first and therefore causing the ping? When i do international tests its the same thing, 220ms on MTN and 160 on Telkom, is there anything i can do about this? I am struggling like hell to get through to MTN. Thanks guys

Location seems to make no difference
Device also make no difference
And low Latency is my only goal, i dont care about DL speed
Did do a ping plotter, dont understand it though


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Sep 26, 2016
I have the same problem. I am also in Cape Town and I am with Webafrica /MTN, my ping is over 40ms or sometimes +50ms for speed test and the location is always on Joburg, I don't know why but if I use my phone it locates Cape Town but same results. My games are over 220ping on EU servers. I used to play on Middle East but these days it's over 300ping.I am currently looking for a change, any LTE fixed packages would be great cause my area doesn't support fiber nor ADSL.


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Nov 1, 2006
Somewhat unrelated, but I visited a customer 5 mins from here on Vuma fibre. Same suburb as myself.

They get 19ms latency when doing a speedtest, which is absolutely terrible on fibre. I googled the ISP and they don't even list themselves as running Vuma (yet).

It seems my customer's HO is in CPT and they went with this CPT-based ISP. That's the only logical conclusion for me anyway as to why they would decide on pretty much CPT-only ISP being their ISP in JHB.

That might explain the latency, hopefully. I get 19ms on LTE so 19ms on fibre is horrendous.
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