1. Hanno Labuschagne

    Best LTE and 5G broadband offers in South Africa

    Best LTE and 5G broadband offers in South Africa Fixed-wireless broadband services, including fixed-LTE and 5G, are growing in popularity as speeds and usage limits rival traditional fixed-broadband access. Although fibre coverage has rapidly grown over the last few years, only a small...
  2. M

    LTE booster aerial \ amplifier

    Hi Does anyone know of any kit that can be purchased locally to boost Vodacom LTE reception on an 3G\LTE router that supports external antennae\aerials? These guys - https://poynting.tech/- have some good kit locally, but it is pricey. I'm looping for a solution ideally less than R5000...
  3. Nick1098

    High latency on 4G

    Hi, Im having high latency with a new MTN 4G setup, so i got a shiney new Huawei B612 and data contract with SuperSonic and like any nerd i immediately did a speed test, i get about 65ms / 18Mbps/ 13Mbps, I thought it was wierd because I usually get around 15ms ping in Cape Town on a good 4G...
  4. W

    Cant get 4g even after calling vodacom numerous times

    Hi guys New to mybroadband and really hoping someone can help me. I have 4 vodacom sim cards. Two are about 8 months old and have 4g. The other two are about 6 months old and are on contract but can only get hspa. I called vodacom to activate it about 3 times and everytime they say its...
  5. ethan

    The most Affordable 4G LTE Mi-Fi routers for sale

    Hello fellow readers. I am looking for the cheapest Mi-Fi 4G LTE routers available for sale brand new. Please help me get them around Gauteng or online. Regards
  6. S

    Huawei B315s-936 LTE Router [SOLD]

    SOLD Item name: Huawei B315s-936 LTE Router Age and condition: 2 years old, excellent condition, See photos attached Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Upgraded, no longer needed Price: R500 Negotiable: No Location: Queenswood, Pretoria Shipping or collection...
  7. E

    Huawei 4G Router B618-22d

  8. Concentric

    [S] LTE Modem/Poynting antenna

    Item name (be very descriptive): HUAWEI B315s LTE Router/A-XPOL-0006-10m Poynting antenna Age and condition:2 Years. Works perfectly Do you include packaging: Yes/No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Not needed Price: R1500 Negotiable: Yes Location: Morning-side/Houghton Johannesburg...
  9. Newsfeed

    Save money at sea with a Peplink 4G router and Poynting antennas

    Save money at sea with a Peplink 4G router and Poynting antennas Enjoying a high-quality broadband connection at sea can be expensive, due to the high price of satellite Internet services.
  10. T

    Mobile Connection for Streaming

    Good Day all Firstly, I'd like to apologize if what I am about to ask has already been asked. I looked around and didn't find any answers:cry: hence I am asking. I came across a lot of live events being streamed on Facebook, youtube etc. and would like to get some advice as to which...
  11. F

    Telkom Uncapped LTE + router + external antenna [S]

    Hi everyone, Item name: Telkom Uncapped LTE contract 7/24months into the contract. We will transfer the contract onto your name (it's free of charge). I will give you the router for free and also an external poynting 4G/LTE antenna. The external antenna is optional but it boosts speeds if you...
  12. C

    Dual LTE router setup

    I need to make my LTE setup more reliable. I recently read an article on using two LTE routers with SIMS from different service providers. Of course, now that I want the article I can't find it. I seem to remember that the setup used some kind of a "mixer" or "combiner" to connect and...
  13. A

    Dual Sim Phone now Obsolete?

    Hi guys so I have a dual sim phone and both sim cards are with MTN. One is my main number which I can upgrade only in a few weeks time so the other sim is the black Friday special. however, today I noticed that I'm only allowed to use one sim, basically, the other sim says emergency calls...
  14. G

    Telkom LTE ,3G failover

    So my LTE service was never great but I was happy after they installed an antenna and I could get 16mbps to 25mbs. Not the fastest LTE speeds but better than my 4mbps ADSL running at 2mbps. I could stream in Full HD gaming latency was at an all time low, and all was glorious. but 2017 is...
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    What the world looks like in 2G, 3G, and 4G

    What the world looks like in 2G, 3G, and 4G New images released by Facebook show what the world and South Africa looks like in terms of mobile connectivity.
  16. F

    Vodafone usb modem to mtn

    Hi, Do you guys maybe have any advice on how to get mtn,cellc and/or telkom working on a vodafone 4g usb modem (vodafone k5150). What I have noticed so far: It's not network locked Believe I need to get the correct software from mtn,cellc,telkom or huawei. Mobile partner...
  17. B

    ASUS DSL-AC52U - a combination of many useful features

    ASUS DSL-AC52U - a stable ADSL link and smart features The ASUS DSL-AC52U is part of a new generation of modems where a combination of products is rolled into one. As the name suggests, it offers concurrent 802.11ac wireless up to 433Mbps on 5Ghz, and up to 300Mbps for 802.11n on...
  18. M

    mifi router with antenna

    Hey guys, I know there have been lots of questions about mifi routers. But I couldn't find anything that quite answered my question. I need a 4g wifi router for the worst possible situation. Its for my parents who are back in RSA. They have terrible signal. The mifi device needs to...
  19. I

    Telkom 4G/LTE Tower Southcrest Alberton

    Hi All Anyone know the closest Telkom 4G/LTE tower near Southcrest, Alberton? Cheers
  20. S

    Vodacom 4G LTE

    Apart from vodacom providing settings for famous brands online and only giving errors for the rest of us what is the surest foolproof way of having LTE settings on my chinesse brand smartphone? :confused: