Home Cloud Solutions - Billing Issues


Nov 11, 2016

I just wanted to check if anyone has had billing issues with Home Cloud Solutions. I had a month-to-month package with them that was since cancelled(after a very painful process) back in September and was confirmed to have been cancelled.

End of November I get an invoice from them and means of communications through to them as to why I'm still getting billed just seemed useless as emails were either bouncing or landed on blind eyes(deaf ears).

I took precautions by notifying my bank to block any debit attempts from them but I need reassurance that my account has been closed from their side


New Member
Dec 6, 2018
Oh goodness, I am having the same problem with them. I got sim on 15/11. Battled to get it activated. Told I had used all allocated data without having an active sim. I eventually cancelled on 27/11but they still put through debit order for Nov and Dec. They now say I am not entitled to a refund as I cancelled after cooling off period. SIM was not active during cooling off period. After I cancelled I got an email to say my sim is now active. I sent an email with copies of all communications to backup my claim. They have not acknowledged or responded to my mail. They don't answer any phones or whatsapp either. In top of that I paid the sim delivery fee and then they still included it in the debit order that they put through on my account.