Honda VS Suzuki (motorcycle)


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Nov 18, 2018
Guys what is better, a Honda ACE 125 cc, Suzuki TF 125 or a Suzuki Gs-150R? I really like both brands so im not really biased in anyway to either brand.
I appreciate the Honda's simplicity and somewhat old fashioned design, however it lacks things such as a rev counter and a starter switch (it has the old fashioned kit start)
The Suzuki is a tad more modern but also quite simple. I would love to own a Suzuki VanVan but Suzuki SA is no longer selling them in SA. Another bike I like is the Suzuki TF-125. I like this bike because it seems to be the Landcruiser of bikes, built to last and built to work everywhere!

I plan on using it daily (5-10km) Something that is fun and can be kept forever while being able to explore would be amazing

Guys these are the only bikes I'm considering at the moment so please don't suggest something other than what is on here thanks!


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Sep 4, 2018
The Suzuki has 6 gears and the honda has only 4. U are comparing a 150 cc bike to a 125cc bike, not exactly a fair comparison.
I am a fan of honda but not a fan of their 125cc bike. A fair comparison would be a 150 CC honda bike like "honda unicorn", which is sold in India. Dont know if similar bikes are sold by honda here.

If these are the only two bikes to choose from I will say Suzuki because it has 6 gears and more power.
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