1. C

    Honda VS Suzuki (motorcycle)

    Guys what is better, a Honda ACE 125 cc, Suzuki TF 125 or a Suzuki Gs-150R? I really like both brands so im not really biased in anyway to either brand. I appreciate the Honda's simplicity and somewhat old fashioned design, however it lacks things such as a rev counter and a starter switch (it...
  2. C

    Want to buy a Royal Enfield Motorcycle

    I'm doing some research on the Royal enfield motorcycles. I don't see a lot of them on the road, so i'm wondering if they are good quality bikes? Any idea on how much the services/repairs/parts would cost compared to like a yamaha or suzuki?
  3. F

    Motorcycle carb balancing kit - {Help NEEDED}

    Hi Ladies and Gents. Where are the bikers at? Need some assistance with my carburetors. I've seen a carb balancing kit online but not in SA and I was wondering where to get one or is there someone perhaps wanting to sell theirs. Bike that i'm struggling with is a Kawasaki ZX6-R 1997...
  4. Emjay

    Attention Triathlons - Get in here!

    Hey there, I am very drawn to the triathlon lifestyle, and have decided to sign up for the MiWay Sun City Sprint event in May. I not really an athlete, but I am almost ready for this event. Even though this is a much easier race, I think it's a good starting point to launch into training for...
  5. S

    2008 Honda CB600F Hornet [S]

    Item name: Honda CB600F Hornet Description: Black with gold forks Age and condition: 2008 model, great condition Warranty: No Reason for selling: Need cash for a car Price: R40 000 Negotiable: Yes Location: Fourways, JHB Shipping or collection: We can work something out. Just serviced...
  6. Archer

    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread

    A place for all of you mybb'ers on two wheels. Whether it's to commute, lazy Sunday rides or off into the bush, riding tips, training, the right gear to wear, anything at all regarding our two wheel machines :D And for those of you in the Cape Town area, lets organise a ride somewhere in the...
  7. Scooby_Doo

    Cape Town Airport - Motorcycle Parking

    Is there any special bike parking at the airport? I would like to leave it there over the weekend, Friday - Monday morning and not too keen on paying huge sums of money. I have seen them parked in P1 by the pick up area, but not sure what the situation is when you leave.
  8. Archer

    Bike DRLs - what colour

    Looking to add some DRLs to the hand gaurds on my motorbike to be more visible and I'm trying to figure out what colour to go for. Do I go for white LEDs and try get ones with a more bluish look (like 5500K, similar to Audi DRLs), or do I go for orange ones and possibly integrate my turn...
  9. Scooby_Doo

    Motor Bike Insurance

    Is it just me or is bike insurance really expensive? What are you guys paying? I got some quotes and for a Triumph Tiger 800 they want R3500+ pm, that, is, insane. :erm:
  10. G


    So I have a VUKA 125, it has been great. Based on that experience, and the fact that Moto Mia Monza 250cc comes in pretty much 20K less than same cc from Honda or Yamaha, I am seriously considering getting a Moto Mia Monza 250cc from the cape town CBD shop, for my next bike. It looks great, and...
  11. Rouxenator

    GT releases new 2013 model bikes (Road, MTB, BMX)

    If you are planning to get a new bike then maybe what a month or so for the new 2013 stock from GT to arrive. Prices seem to be on par with the current models although parts are refreshed and the paint jobs are incredibly sexy as always. Complete 2013 range can be seen here ...
  12. G

    Confusion with drivers codes

    Hi, I have booked my Drivers license for code B and A, however I asked if I was able to tow a off road caravan(which is heavier than a normal caravan)I was told that I should come with the caravan to do my test and then I would automatically get the EB code. How do I go about getting the right...
  13. Rouxenator

    Replace chain only or enite drivetrain/groupset?

    Replace chain only or entire drivetrain/groupset? I recently twisted the chain on my mountain bike and the guy at the bike shop that fixed it said the chain is about 75% worn. He also said that when I replace it I'll have to replace the blades (front gears), cassette (rear gears) as well as...
  14. G

    Professional Motorcycle GPS installations

    I have decided to buy the TomTom Urban Rider GPS unit for my 2007 GSX-R 1000 and did some research on the net and decided that I need someone who knows their stuff to help me. Does anyone know where I can go in Johannesburg to have a GPS installed on my bike? I need the unit to be connected...
  15. NeonNinja

    New Road Bike?

    Ok, so I'm studying for my motorcycle learners; I'm going to book and get date next month. Meanwhile I'm checking out a bike in the +-R12k region. I'm looking for a new one. I've never actually rode a bike before. I'm looking at 150cc (maybe 125cc) and up. I'm interested in getting the 200cc...
  16. NeonNinja

    Road Bike?

    So I’m very elementary when it comes to bikes. So I’m interested in a bike; a road bike. Don’t require something fancy, fast, etc. Just something basic and reliable. The cheaper the better. Which brand/make should I go for? Nooby question: How does one acquire a learners/drivers licence? How...
  17. G

    Fellow offroad bike riders - graphics (sticker) kit help

    Didn't know where else to post this so if it is in the wrong place mods please move :) Can any offroad bike riders let me know where you guys get your sticker kits from or how you guys get it done, I want to replace all the stickers but not with the default Yamaha ones. Its a 2000 model...
  18. T

    Back on two wheels

    Just took my (soon to be ex) babyblade out for a spin to charge the battery up. Man it's an amazing feeling - especially with a loud pipe :D Anyone who's ridden a proper bike will know what I'm talking about.