1. C

    Honda VS Suzuki (motorcycle)

    Guys what is better, a Honda ACE 125 cc, Suzuki TF 125 or a Suzuki Gs-150R? I really like both brands so im not really biased in anyway to either brand. I appreciate the Honda's simplicity and somewhat old fashioned design, however it lacks things such as a rev counter and a starter switch (it...
  2. X88Bass

    What are your opinions on owning a Motorcycle/Scooter?

    I'm thinking of getting a scooter instead of a car but still a pending decision. Any scooter owners here? i'd like to here your thoughts.
  3. G

    Importing Electric Motorcycle From China Into South Africa

    Hello, I hope this isn't too off topic but I'm trying to import an electric motorcycle from Alibaba. I'm a bit new to importing from overseas but i'm not new enough to know what's a scam and what isn't. The bike i want is legit but i'm not sure what the currant laws and VAT charges are on...
  4. C

    Want to buy a Royal Enfield Motorcycle

    I'm doing some research on the Royal enfield motorcycles. I don't see a lot of them on the road, so i'm wondering if they are good quality bikes? Any idea on how much the services/repairs/parts would cost compared to like a yamaha or suzuki?
  5. A

    Lets buy a bike?

    So I've been looking at tons of threads, bikes, options and I'm kind of in a situation soon where I can only see a motorcycle being the outcome. This is not mainly about saving fuel or costs but rather we need a second vechicle and I could benefit from a bike because my car use around...
  6. B

    Motorcycle parking at Cape Toen International Airport

    Does anyone know where one should park your bike over a weekend at CTIA and how and where to exit again? (I am assuming there is no need to pay for the parking)
  7. P

    Motorcycle insurance assist

    Hi All, super new here, but been looking around for any advice on motorcycle insurance. Most I've found is that there is a very big divide between going broker or direct... And most people were offering contact details for brokers up North (i'm in CT) I recently bought a 2011 Aprilia RSV4...
  8. A

    Motorcycle Learners Licence

    So I got my learners license (code 1) for a motorcycle (limited to 125cc as I was 16) just under two years ago. I was wondering, as I am now 18, whether I could use this same learners licence (which is still valid), for a motorcycle with displacement greater than 125cc, and further apply for...
  9. V

    Change of Ownership

    Good day, I hope someone can help me with this. I want to buy a motorcycle. I asked the seller for the papers of the motorcycle. He then sent me the registration paper, but with a companies name on it. I then asked him, why the motorcycle is not on his name. He replied that he bought the...
  10. R

    Motorcycle Training (Help) - Roodepoort

    Hi Guys, I recently got my bike learners and i'm struggling to find any bike schools in roodepoort for lessons. I've never been on a bike before and need lessons. Please can anyone advise who to contact in this area for lessons
  11. K

    Where Should I park my Bike ?

    MOTORCYCLE Hi all... First post :whistle: I am moving out of my parents place for the first time :) and going too move into a ground floor apartment. Is it a good idea too park it in my yard ? I have heard other people who park there's in there houses :wtf: Feels unsafe when I leave it in the...
  12. R

    Waterproof motorcycle backpack

    I am in need of a new waterproof backpack that has a laptop compartment. My current bag the SW Motech Baracuda dry bag, did not last very long. The straps started tearing off after about a year of use. It can't be stitched back as this will leave the bag not being waterproof any more. Any...
  13. Archer

    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread

    A place for all of you mybb'ers on two wheels. Whether it's to commute, lazy Sunday rides or off into the bush, riding tips, training, the right gear to wear, anything at all regarding our two wheel machines :D And for those of you in the Cape Town area, lets organise a ride somewhere in the...
  14. G

    Professional Motorcycle GPS installations

    I have decided to buy the TomTom Urban Rider GPS unit for my 2007 GSX-R 1000 and did some research on the net and decided that I need someone who knows their stuff to help me. Does anyone know where I can go in Johannesburg to have a GPS installed on my bike? I need the unit to be connected...
  15. G

    Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

    Read it. AWESOME book.
  16. LCBXX

    Adventure Touring/Touring Bike

    I want to get into motorcycle riding, specifically long distance touring where I can take the wife with for a weekend or so. Using the bike on a regular daily basis are also part of the idea. Are there any serious bikers here who also enjoy touring/adventure riding that can give some pointers...
  17. T

    Ugliest bike? V.v. ugly :sick: Who in their right mind will be prepared to pay millions just to own a fugly thing?